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MY OTHER KINK – well sort of

This picture contains two things that form an important part of my life: homemade bread and good coffee. Obviously I would like semi-naked women around the breakfast table to be an important part of my life also but sadly, it just ain’t so.

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ELust #79 – including a post from me

Welcome to Elust #79

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KINKY MARQUETRY – in an old town hall!

marquetryRecently I was walking though the Town Hall Hotel in Bethnal Green on the way to lunch with a beautiful mistress. We had just had a session at the amazing London Dungeon Hire which is nearby and I was feeling bruised and hungry. In an upstairs corridor, to my absolute amazement we came across a series of marquetry pictures set in a wood panelled walls. This is the most kinky but many of the others were pretty lewd.

I found this on the artist:

Debbie Lawson is inspired by the drama of the events that take place within interior spaces.  She commonly uses carpet, wood, and other common domestic materials.  For Town Hall Hotel, she created …….Love Lane, Victorian porn vignettes in marquetry line a small hallway, an homage to Bethnal Green’s shady past as a hub for prostitution and other social services.

I love the line “hub for prostitution and other social services”


A scenario where one player appears, at least on the surface, to be forcing some action on another against their will can be the most thrilling of BDSM scenes. It requires trust, good communication and a deep understanding of where the submissive player’s real limits are. This little story draws somewhat on an actual scenario I played out with a mistress. I will leave you to guess which bits are real…

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HUNT ME DOWN (PLEASE) – fight or flight

The way the body responds to threats is controlled by ancient systems that developed when our ancestors had to be super-vigilant to avoid becoming lunch for early predators. Complex chemical and nervous pathways evolved that enhanced the ability to react to danger. Collectively these are known as the Fight or Flight response and I am acutely conscious of mine every time I arrange a submissive BDSM session with a Mistress. Continue reading

RUNWAY HIT – a spanky short story

In the ‘Lippie’ short story competition each entrant was given the name of a Lipstick and had to use that for a story. I got  “Runway Hit”. Being male I immediately thought of planes and the smell of burning fuel rather than the fashion show type of runway that was no doubt in the mind of the mysterious lipstick namer (now there’s a job!). I decided to re-locate an old fantasy. Here goes: Continue reading