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By | 29th February 2016

This picture contains two things that form an important part of my life: homemade bread and good coffee. Obviously I would like semi-naked women around the breakfast table to be an important part of my life also but sadly, it just ain’t so.

bread ladies

I have a twitter account with many, many more followers than BibulousOne, that’s mostly made up of pictures of homemade bread. This painting crosses the boundary between the two alter egos. In fact, not only that but it also includes a pretty enticing pot of coffee; less of a kink but still a bit of a thing.

I was looking (no really, I was) for a picture of a Pain d’Epi; literally a ‘wheat-stalk’ bread. A Pain d’Epi is essentially a baguette, cut carefully before baking to create a loaf with individual ears like the one in the middle of the table. The idea, as the name suggests, is for it to look exactly like a stalk of wheat.

Why do I keep coming back to this picture though? It is not the bread or the coffee, or even the artfully arranged breasts of the girl on the right. It is not even the ‘just fucked’ stretching of the girl behind the table. For me this picture is all about the back of the girl sitting front left.

I have a thing for a nicely shaped, nicely muscled woman’s back. And this one is beautiful. I want to run my hands over the uplands of her shoulder blades, let them descend the steep escarpments at the edge onto the wide plains below.  I want to let my hands slide into the valley formed by her spine and advance slowly along it, feeling the slight undulations of ribs and muscles under the smooth tautness of the covering skin. The loose fitting trousers form an invitation to descend further, the cloth forcing me to press against the yielding flesh of her buttocks. Or I might bring my hands back up again, allowing them to explore out from the spine, sliding smoothly round to cup her barely revealed breasts, feeling her back arch slightly as I brush against her nipples, my breath now warm against her neck….

Or I might just plonk myself down, grab a coffee and say: “Eeehh, that’s a nice loaf. You don’t see Pain d’Epi very often!”






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