ADVENTURES ON PANDORA – life in the closet

By | 3rd March 2016

My ‘normal’ day to day life is a room painted vanilla. It has nice furniture and carefully chosen highlights in blues and purples. It is an altogether pleasant and undemanding room. In the corner is a closet. Once every month or so I enter the closet….

To enter the closet is walk into a physical and emotional ‘Pandora’ as envisaged in the film ‘Avatar’. The colours are still recognizably blues, and purples but now vivid, fluorescent shades of cobalt or deep azure shot though with magenta and sapphire.

pandora1Everything on Pandora is stark, exaggerated, incapable of being ignored. Physical and emotional sensations are expanded, inflated, written in a new, somehow more vivid language. In this new language familiar sensations are reimagined  in new shapes, in brighter colours and with greater intensity.

On the film set Pandora a horse becomes a strange, mythical beast with six legs, yet we still have the horse as a point of reference to let us perceive what manner of beast this might be. In the vanilla world, I might feel anxiety as I pass a speed camera driving a little fast. On my closet Pandora I feel anxiety because a corseted mistress is standing behind me with a whip; its the same sensation but amplified and intense; not a passing, surface anxiety but real fear deep within me, taking me over and driving out all other thought.

In the vanilla room pain is a wayward garden stinging nettle. On Pandora pain is the searing, harsh, demanding pain as a cane stroke bites into the welt left by its predecessor.

In the vanilla room interaction is a chat with a work mate; friendly enough yet all on the surface. On Pandora interaction is the intense, electrically charged interchange of emotion between mistress and submissive; full of challenge and domination on one side, acceptance and submission on the other.

To spend time on Pandora is to explore a new world full of colour, strangeness, fear, desire and extremes.

To return to the vanilla room after time on Pandora is to come down from a high. Feelings and emotions seem, for a while, flat, monochrome and unexciting. Eventually though, one adapts, enjoying the carefully chosen highlights in blues and purples for what they are.

Knowing, however, that Pandora awaits…..

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