Monthly Archives: May 2016

SEX AND VIOLENCE – violence as sex

This session was never really meant to happen. It was, after all, only a week since an outrageously kinky threesome. However, that session had left me highly charged and wanting to push myself. Also I had the perfect opportunity; an afternoon flight to a week of overseas business meetings. If I was to end up with physical or mental bruises, I would be away from home.

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THE BLINDFOLD – fear of the unknown

The blindfold lets in no light. There is no imperfectly sealed corner through which I might glimpse something familiar or comforting. It’s been on since the moment I walked through the door of the basement apartment in response to the text. Just an address, a time and a two word instruction: “Be there.” How could I, with my fetish for fear and anticipation, have resisted.

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