Monthly Archives: June 2016

PEGS – so many pegs (KOTW)

I’m lying on the bed, tied, immobile. Already sore and exhausted after she’s worked over my nipples till they are sensitive and raw. A bowl appears. It’s full of clothes pegs. She pushes my legs apart so she can reach my cock and balls. I can do clothes pegs. I’ve been here before. I’ve had more then… Read More »

THE BENCH – waiting

*I’m parking the car. Five minutes* Deep breath. Why do I do this to myself? The hotel room is carefully arranged: the bench central so she can move around it; a cushion so I am positioned just right for her; blindfold ready. I am intoxicated with fear and adrenaline.

PLEASE – begging for it

When I read this powerful piece of F/m filth from Skinshallows, I thought it was burst-into-flames hot. She asks her submissive to accept a succession of increasingly violent assaults in order to satisfy her sadistic and sexual need. I related to it, not least for its fantastic fusion of violence and intimacy.  My only issue with… Read More »

BRUISES – love ’em, hate ’em

First time I posted a Sinful Sunday. As a masochist I have a love/hate relationship with bruises. I love the mark of where the Mistress has been, the reminder of something illicit, dark, sensual and challenging. I hate having to hide them when I return to my vanilla life, the risk of discovery, the feeling… Read More »

IDENTITY – hiding the evidence of my other self

The ‘identity’ prompt was well timed. My BibulousOne kinky masochist persona and that other one, the one with whom BibulousOne shares a skin, are about to return to the everyday vanilla life from which they have both been taking a small break. The notion of identity is important to me because these are not, in truth,… Read More »