MIXING IT UP – top? bottom? both?

By | 8th August 2016

I like to switch. I suppose If I had to define where I sit on an imaginary dom/sub spectrum I would pick 70% submissive/masochistic and 30% dominant/sadistic. However I particularly love scenes where these roles are mixed up, or where I can play both roles simultaneously. There is a whole world of fun to be had by avoiding labels and letting the kinky imagination run free. Here are a couple of scenes I have played that do just that.


She’s kneeling submissively, looking up at me wondering what’s coming next. Her bottom is a deep red from the prolonged spanking I gave her earlier, broad stripes of a deeper colour showing where I have hit her six times with a heavy strap. Her face is flushed from a shuddering whole body orgasm she has just had wrenched out of her with a vibrator.

She looks up at me nervously as I select a cane from the rack. It’s on the long side and has some weight. However, this cane is not for her.

“You,” I tell he in my best stern, domly voice, “are now going to cane me. You are going to do it exactly as I say or you will be punished.” I give her precise instructions as to how I want to be caned. She is nervous. She works as a sub, not a dominant and is inexperienced in what I have asked her to do. I feel the first four strokes but I am looking for more. A lot more.

I jump up from the bench, grab her and push her over it. I let some anger into my voice: “I said I wanted a caning! You are just playing at it. This is what I asked for.”

I should probably swap the cane for something lighter, but I don’t. I just swing it hard across her backside. Two deep red tramlines appear instantly. She yells. I hit her again. A second pair of tramlines join the first. She yells louder. The third stroke is vicious, connecting low down in the crease under her bottom. I know I have hurt her but I have done so deliberately. I want her to lose control, to give me a proper, full-on, beating. I want her sore and angry and looking for revenge.

I hand her the cane and take up position over the bench…..



We are deep into our session and the mistress had been wonderful. I am feeling sore in several places and am in a very submissive state of mind.

“Now”, she says, “You are going to spank me. But you will follow my instructions exactly or I shall punish you”. She already has my cock and balls tied tight, something that is always guaranteed to make me feel submissive and owned. She picks up a set of vicious looking nipple clips connected by a weighty chain and applies them one at a time. Sharp jags of pain ran through me and I found myself breathing fast as I try to overcome the sensation. “Calm your breathing!”, she instructs, “or we shan’t go on”. She attaches a dog lead to the chain joining the nipples and gives an experimental tug. Ouch! My sharp intake of breath seems to satisfy her.

In no time I am sat on the bed with her beautiful rear over me knee.

“Begin”, she commands. I start, tentatively at first, light smacks on each side, enjoying the way her silk underwear emphasizes the curves of her perfect bottom. Her weight on my tightly bound cock and the swing of the heavy chain on my nipples as my hand moves up and down are creating some real difficulty.

I feel a knife of pain through my nipples as she jerks hard on the lead attached to the clamps. “Harder!. This is supposed to be a spanking, not a massage!”. So I hit her harder. Left cheek, right cheek, left cheek, her smooth skin turning red under my hand. Losing concentration as my own pain increases, I landed a blow on the top of her thighs, with the reward of another sharp agonising tug on my nipples.

Trying to concentrate on inflicting her pain while suffering my own is challenging but incredibly erotic. This is a different experience for me, pain as a shared, mutual experience. There is never any doubt about who is in charge yet, as her bottom rises again and again to meet my hand, I feel my own power in the situation. After maybe 30 or 40 slaps, she drops the lead and lets her hand slip down between her legs, rubbing fast as I spank her hard, bringing herself to a powerful gasping orgasm over my knee. I stop the spanking, allowing one hand to rest on her back, the other stroking her bottom softly for a few moments. Briefly, and rather wonderfully, I feel that she is mine rather than the other way round.


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  1. Molly

    I don’t have any Dom in me at all so it is interesting to read about those that have a bit of both.



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