WHAT KATIE DID NEXT – beyond spanking

By | 23rd August 2016

Why am I so nervous for this session? It’s not even me that’s getting beaten up. I’m seeing an American submissive, the beautiful Katie and, while I might let her hit me a few times, this is all about letting my dominant, spanky side out to play for a change. I’ve told her that I want a formal punishment session, rather than the light-hearted spanking and nipple play of our first meeting.

That’s where the nervousness comes from: the sense of responsibility that I will feel having her at my mercy; knowing what I COULD do to her once she is in that position, yet wanting to find a balance between sating my desires and stimulating hers. I want my dominance and her submission to feed off each other so we both get something from the scene.

But I do want to hit her hard and that’s why I’m nervous. In my last session with a Mistress she had wanted to hit me hard; in fact she had wanted to let her demons out and really beat me. She had been nervous then, just as I am now.

The session starts late so without any preliminaries I push her over a chair and pull up her dress: her bottom is compact and beautifully shaped, a lacy G-string separating the cheeks. I am so ready for this. I slap her once, quite hard, on each cheek and wait a moment so I can see the single perfect hand print. I love that; it stakes my claim to her bottom. Then more, lots more. I’m not really counting, perhaps ten medium strength smacks then ten really hard. After the hard strokes her body’s responding; she’s yelping with each slap, fighting to hold her position, and breathing fast.

A pause. She moans softly as I stroke the now sensitive skin of her bottom, then it’s twenty more. And twenty after that, smack after smack. My focus narrows down to my hand on her bottom and the effect I am having. I slide my fingers into her panties. She’s hot and wet and breathes out slowly in pleasure. I leave my hand there, rubbing softly while I spank her again. I recognise her response to this instantly. She’s immersing herself in the flow of competing sensations, just as I like to when I’m submitting. I know exactly where she is in her head. I sense her losing her inhibitions and allowing the sensations to wash through her.

I love that her responses are my responses.

I had planned to cane Katie in a ritual punishment scene but I am blown off course by the strength of her responses to what I am doing. A caning would be too simple; I want to take her mind and fill it with pain and pleasure till there’s no room for any more of either.

She wouldn’t guess this from what I tell her to do next. I have her kneel upright on the side of the bed and I pick up the fearsome, heavy, wooden paddle she has brought to the session. paddle 1She looks up in surprise as I put it in her hand and tell her to smack herself with it, three times on each cheek. She’s awkward at first. It seems I’ve found a game that’s new to her, but I’m impressed when, after a few attempts, she’s smacking herself firmly with the heavy paddle, gasping with each blow. I can’t explain why it turns me on so much to see a beautiful woman do this, but it’s an old fantasy.

Wanting to raise the intensity level, I apply bitey nipple clips, connected by a heavy chain. She  pants hard with the pain they cause. The heavy chain swings around as she smacks herself with the paddle, tugging on the clips.

She’s spanking herself with her right hand so when I’ve turned the vibrator on I put it in her left, moving her hand down to her wet cunt. The effect of the vibrator is instant, her head comes up, breathing hard, eyes closed. Still I’m not finished. I pick up a flogger. After each self-inflicted blow with the paddle I bring the flogger across her slim, beautifully shaped back.

A smack of the paddle on the already deep red skin of her bottom, purple patches just starting to appear; a tug on the nipple clips, triggering a pulse of focussed, sharp pain; the flogger across the sensitive, reddening skin of her back; all the time the waves of pleasure from the vibrator demanding her intention. Katie arches her back, moving her head from side to side, moaning as pleasure and pain arrive together. She is giving herself up to the avalanche of competing, conflicting signals coming from her body. She’s not even fighting for the surface, content to let herself drown in sensation.

She’s lost.

I can’t take my eyes off her.

When she’s close to orgasm she gives me the paddle, just as I had told her to. I smack her with it hard, again and again while she moves the vibrator across her clitoris, gasping moaning, panting, crying out; tumbling finally into a full-on whole body orgasm that leaves her shaking.

I let her recover for a few moments. Leaving her where she is, on her hands and knees, I slip my cock into her, revelling in her scent and her heat. I enjoy the redness of her back from the flogger, the deep red of her well smacked bottom. She comes one more time, fast and hard, pushing back against me, pulling me in deeper. It is wonderful to be part of her orgasm. My own orgasm is strong and ripples run through me for minutes afterwards as we lie side by side, breathing deeply.

I’m primarily a submissive masochist. Yet the feelings I experienced through seeing Katie let herself go in this way; through watching her give herself up to the wave after wave of sensation, were no less intense than I experience when submitting myself. Giving pleasure was in itself pleasurable; intensely, erotically, deeply pleasurable. Also, I felt that my own experience of these things, my intimate understanding of the place where she was, allowed me to go there with her.

And that was what made this session special; very special indeed.


When I first put this post up I was surprised by my own reaction. Somehow the fact that I had written for the first time about actual penetrative sex with a sex worker made me feel very strange and conflicted. “The final confession” perhaps, though this is actually something I have done only rarely. A session with a Mistress (my normal release) almost never includes sex. I took the post down for a while.  Also I realised that, though Katie liked the blog, she might not want her Twitter Timeline full up with comments and questions from my readers, most of whom (and this still surprises me) are unconnected with sex work, being neither providers nor their clients. Comments here are always welcome.


5 thoughts on “WHAT KATIE DID NEXT – beyond spanking

  1. eye

    So pleased you put this back up. I enjoyed the window into both your worlds very much and of course it describes a very arousing scene. Mostly though I am impressed by the bravery and vulnerability in the honest writing.

  2. 19syllables

    This is frantically hot. Breathlessly, achingly hot. Really focused and pinpointedly accurate for anyone who enjoys exchange of power, because it is so deftly, and particularly applied here By someone who knows both sides of the coin. An interesting window into an unknown world for me, and also, did I mention, hot?

  3. Marie Rebelle

    I found myself reading intensely, and as a submissive imagining to be part of this session. So deliciously hot and it made me crave a hard session. I have never spanked myself, but might suggest it to my husband…

    Rebel xox


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