KATIE’S PADDLE – sinful sunday

By | 28th August 2016

This is Katie’s paddle. She brought it to our session. It’s not been purchased, but made for her by a client. Who was this mystery client? What was in his mind as he made this heavy wooden paddle, obviously designed to inflict quite a bit of pain?

paddle 2

I picture him in his garage, on his own. He’s been looking forward to this – anticipating it, waiting to get an hour to himself. He has a workbench, a set of tools. Sawdust is everywhere.

He uses an electric jig-saw to cut the rough shape from a thick piece of pine; then refines it and rounds off the corners with a file. He’s no great craftsman this guy, but he enjoys creating the handle; shaping it so he can grip the paddle firmly; can hold it strongly through it’s impact on Katie’s bottom.

He drills holes through the wood to improve the airflow, increasing the impact. He picked up this design detail from a porn video where the scene was pledge paddling in an American girl’s college. They were wearing tight, too short cheer-leader’s uniforms, breasts thrusting against white shirts.

He tests the heft of the paddle in his hand, feeling his cock harden as he does so. He imagines it landing on Katie’s naked behind; hearing her yell at it’s sudden impact. In his mind he sees her bottom turn red, then blue as he beats her with it while she’s bent over a desk.

He smooths the paddle with sandpaper, rubbing his hand over it again and again. He does this with one hand.

With the other he unzips his jeans.


You can see how Katie and I used this paddle in our session  in my post here. It may not be what you expect!


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