BEATEN – Elita’s caning

By | 4th September 2016

This weeks prompt of ‘B’ could have stood for many things in this picture. Bottom and Bum are obvious and I nearly went with Brave but I chose ‘BEATEN’. The picture doesn’t really do justice to the 12 truly brutal stokes with a cane that Mistress Elita took from her man during our heavy corporal punishment session.

ONE bottom

He’d beaten me until I was a gasping, sweaty mess. Then it was Elita’s turn. He’d wanted to give her more strokes, but the way the session had been set up had allowed him just 12. He changed canes; the one he’d beaten me with had blood on and would not have been safe. He chose a heavier cane. I imagine he wanted to make up for the lower number of strokes.

He had me hold her down and forced her to look directly into my face so I could see her pain.

Then he beat her.

The violence of the impact of the cane was hard to watch.

It was hard to listen to her yells of pain.

Yet it was impossible to turn away.

It was horrible and disturbing.

It was beautiful and thrilling.

It was as hot as Fuck.

The experience of my beating, together with the emotion of watching hers, left me shaken for days. Sometimes though, it’s good to be shaken to your core, have your perceptions reset and be forced to contemplate the journey you are on.

If you would like to read more about this violent yet rewarding and memorable session you can find it here.

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12 thoughts on “BEATEN – Elita’s caning

  1. Jaime

    Beautiful body! Beautiful marks (and expertly applied)! And eye contact is so intense and hot at moments like this. Thank you!

  2. MariaSibylla

    What a beautifully intense experience! Thanks for sharing it with us. And also, what a beautiful photo. I agree with Candy, it looks like a butterfly. Lovely.


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