Monthly Archives: December 2016

THE THREAT – the bdsm diet

It was straightforward really. I needed to lose weight, but had been prevaricating over it for ages so, ahead of a recent session, I asked Mistress Elita to make a threat as to what would happen if I didn’t meet my end of January target. She did exactly that.

But what a threat it was!

PLEASE NOTE: This post contains a description of a form of sexual violence that, while safe, sane and consensual, and a not un-common practise in the Femdom world, may make uncomfortable reading for some.

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For someone who pays for their kinks, while living an outwardly vanilla home life, Christmas can seem an endless stretch of enforced vanilladom. For me the only answer was to plan a kinky encounter as close to Christmas as I dare, something that would stay with me through the entire holiday period. My thinking centred on buying a gift for Mistress Elita and then experiencing that gift. Experiencing it in a way that would be hard to forget

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THE CROP – part one

The age of fifteen/sixteen was a time of exploring the boundaries of my masochism, my response to it becoming more strongly sexual as I grew up. One day I rode into the small town near where we lived and bought a riding crop. I remember even today, the nervous anticipation as I walked backwards and forwards in front of the shop window, summoning up the courage to enter.

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THE BDSM PARTY – submission

He had arranged to go to the Femdom event with his regular Mistress, as a chance to try something new, explore a different dynamic in their relationship. They had planned to session in one of the well equipped play rooms provided by the organisers. When she had phoned that morning to explain that a family crisis was going to take her away, he had felt flat and disappointed but had summoned up the courage to go alone.

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THE BEAM – sinful sunday

There’s a beam in our bedroom; sturdy, built to last, Victorian. I’ve often thought that, if there was even the smallest scintilla of a smidgin of an ounce of kink in our relationship, I’d use a couple of belts to tie her to that beam and work her over. I’d work her over until her body was a mass of sensations, pain and pleasure fighting for supremacy. I’d work her over until her orgasms were tumbling over each other. I’d work her over until she was a gasping, sweaty mess and then I’d carry her to the bed and fuck her back to me.

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PREDICAMENT – bondage with challenge

I like being handled. I particularly like being handled when I’m blindfold. For someone who would not be considered particularly tactile, this is a recent and surprising revelation. I guess it’s the feeling of releasing myself into the control of another, coupled with the inevitable shift in focus from whatever irrelevance was filling my head to the physical, to the corporeal. A shift from the world of logic and argument to a world of sensation and stimulation.

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