THE BEAM – sinful sunday

By | 11th December 2016

There’s a beam in our bedroom; sturdy, built to last, Victorian. I’ve often thought that, if there was even the smallest scintilla of a smidgin of an ounce of kink in our relationship, I’d use a couple of belts to tie her to that beam and work her over. I’d work her over until her body was a mass of sensations, pain and pleasure fighting for supremacy. I’d work her over until her orgasms were tumbling over each other. I’d work her over until she was a gasping, sweaty mess and then I’d carry her to the bed and fuck her back to me.


Or maybe, because, as we all know, I’m wired the other way too, I’d hand her the heavy flogger, the one we’d keep in a suitcase under the bed, and have her do the same to me.

Unfortunately neither of these scenarios is likely, but most of the time I like my life as it is. In this older post, I thought about other things I’d do if my relationship accommodated my kinks.


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9 thoughts on “THE BEAM – sinful sunday

  1. Mr Minx

    Stunning in multiple ways! Until your kinks can be explored for real, please keep fantasizing and sharing here with us!

  2. Jaime

    I know no pain harsher than being with someone who doesn’t support, endorse and enable your sexual desires. I’ve been there (maybe we all have) and all I can do is sympathise.
    That said, the thought is a great one. And so is the photo!

  3. Jo

    Like other commenters, I’m saddened by your words; wishing your fantasies could be realized within the context of your relationship. I used to work in a dungeon, and we had so many clients who would have preferred to play with their partners had their partners been into it. That beam sure looks like a lot of fun to me!


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