A BEATING – one day soon (sinful sunday)

By | 15th April 2017

Having missed a Sinful Sunday or two, I wanted to participate in this one but had no pictures from my recent session. A perfect excuse to dig back into the kinky archive.

When I came across this image I had an almost physical reaction to it. I was immediately transported back to Elita’s old apartment and this particularly hard caning she once gave me there. Unusually, she had been completely naked. She had played her piano afterwards while I floated about near the ceiling. It was a wonderful session.

Part of the reaction was because my near future includes a serious beating, just like this one. Not, in this case, from Elita but from her man. I know from painful experience that the physical and emotional intensity of being beaten by a man, by this man, is going to shake me up for days.

There’s a wrinkle though. Of course, there’s a wrinkle.

I don’t know when it’s going to happen.

At some point over the next couple of months he’s going to appear in one of our sessions with his cane. I have no idea which session. No idea at all.


Because, as I wrote in this recent post, I have come to realise that my real kink is fear.

And that, for me, the pain is only there to make the fear more real.


After a short absence from kinky things I was lucky enough to have a super intense threesome with Elita and her friend Lilly recently. I wrote about it here.

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17 thoughts on “A BEATING – one day soon (sinful sunday)

  1. Bee

    Gorgeous marks. The fear thing is fascinating isn’t it. Fear produces some marked reactions on both sides yet I struggle with it. One one hand no one should fear their dominant yet it can be so damn sexy.

  2. John Brownstone

    It does look like it was a rather intense session but the way you speak of floating near the ceiling while she played the piano summed it all up.

  3. Aurora Glory

    Wow that looks like you had an intense session. I can imagine how wonderful the reminder was in the following days. I hope you enjoy your surprise session, whenever that shall be!
    Aurora x

  4. Molly

    That really is quite some beating. Very interesting to hear about your kink discovery of fear. I find it fascinating how we experience things leads us to these personal revelations



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