JUDICIAL – the video

By | 24th September 2017

At the end of our hot judicial caning scene we played around taking pictures. Elita said she wanted to try a slow motion video. Elita and her man, who had been doing the caning, fiddled with the camera for a while getting it set up. Then they lined up the shot.

Too late, I realised that to get the video they wanted, he was actually going to have to land the stroke. I was in no way ready for it and yelled in shock.

It was worth it though.


(The video is quite dark and may not work too well in bright light. Watching his arm movement may make it seem quite a mild blow. But watch what happens to the end of the cane! This is an expert at work) 

video still
I now have some more images from Elita

I decided this one’s too bloody for twitter:

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