READY FOR PUNISHMENT- (sinful sunday)

By | 18th November 2017

I’d planned this for a while, this realisation of an old prison punishment fantasy that had its origins in a strong caning scene I’d found online. I’d booked the venue, made the arrangements with the two girls and ordered the costumes I wanted them to wear.

My Sinful Sunday image is a candid shot of Lilly and Katie preparing for the scene, putting on their Victorian bloomers and corsets.

Katie seemed excited; Lilly seemed nervous.

corset getting ready

We had a lot of fun together and Lilly took her first caning. She was terrified but bravely soaked it all up. There seemed to be a lot of orgasms involved too. I mean, really, a LOT of orgasms.

I wrote about this ludicrously hot session here.


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23 thoughts on “READY FOR PUNISHMENT- (sinful sunday)

  1. Malflic

    It is always amazing how many orgasms are involved in scenes.

    An amazing picture and set up. I have a true appreciation of the efforts planning a fantasy setting can take.

  2. Aurora Glory

    The outfits and location look incredible! This must have been a truly memorable experience. This is one of my favourite all time sinful Sunday shots. It’s just gorgeous!
    Aurora x

  3. Jo

    I love love love the costumes – where did you order them from?! This shot reminds me of old porn stills – fabulous!

  4. Indigo Byrd

    I totally get the Victoriana, not so sure about the cane, but I read your story and enjoyed it (while wincing). Love the photo, very sexy in a subtle way…

  5. CousinPons

    I heartily commend your skill at conjuring up this wonderfully erotic scene so evocative of backstage at a Victorian theatre.


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