THE HYDRA WHIP – (sinful sunday)

By | 16th December 2017

See this? Lying there on the bed? I did this to myself. I looked around on the  website of BDSM specialist Joanna Lark and chose this. Its called the Hydra Whip

I don’t know what I was thinking.

Unless, perhaps, the chaos that is my normal life is leaking into my kinks and this was a self harm moment. Perhaps it wasn’t so much that I didn’t realise how hard this would be. Perhaps I knew perfectly well, and felt in some way this was what I deserved for getting myself into this mess.

hydra whip

Either way, I can’t “un-buy” it now. She’ll always have it. And every time she walks into a room with the bundle of implements she’s planning to use in our session, I’ll look nervously over to see if it’s there. That’s how hard this is.

You can read what it felt like to be hit with this whip here.

So here’s a thing: Being caned, even being caned a lot, as I have this year, is poor preparation for being whipped. I suspect the reverse is true. The sensations caused and the demands made  are so unique that different coping strategies are required. In the case of being whipped, I have yet to discover them.

You can read how Elita used a whip to make me break down and cry here.

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12 thoughts on “THE HYDRA WHIP – (sinful sunday)

  1. Bee

    That looks mean and I know trouble buying things can cause, it’s something I seem to excel at!

  2. Violet

    That looks sincerely mean, and I’m a fan of the thin, fast strike! Yowwwww!

  3. books1799

    I am wincing at the very thought of being struck with that implement especially as my bottom has never been been beaten.

  4. Molly

    That does indeed look like a truly mean thing…. and I am going to check out Joanna Lark for sure



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