SILENTLY, SHE WAITS – (sinful sunday)

By | 23rd December 2017

What do you see when you first look at this image. A young woman kneeling in virginal robes perhaps. Is she a supplicant in church?

secret D lilly kneeling gown


Look more closely. The robe is a silk gown, chosen for the ease with which it could be removed over the ankle and wrist cuffs she wears underneath. The austere stone floor and bare brick walls speak of a dungeon. A place where bad things happen.

She  kneels, blindfolded, on a stool, in front of a red leather chair, waiting for her Master. She is to be tested, sorely tested, and is trying to use the small time remaining to collect herself, to be ready.

The image comes from early in an amazing overnight session that Lilly Watson and I had in The Secret Dungeon in High Wycombe. As I described in my earlier post the session was intensely erotic; at times violent and at times deeply intimate.

Lilly, as she always is, was open to new experiences, brave, touching and wonderful. By the end I was even more lost in the experience of being with her than I had been before.

secret D lilly kneeling naked

The gown removed. Now it begins.


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11 thoughts on “SILENTLY, SHE WAITS – (sinful sunday)

  1. Jo

    I’ve never seen a church that looks like that! >< I love the silkiness of the robe – soft fabrics go well with hard hands. Happy Holidays!


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