“SOMETHING NICE” – (sinful sunday)

By | 17th February 2018

Towards the end of an intense, three-way, corporal punishment game in a dungeon, I had the option to choose “something nice” for Elita without knowing what it was going to be. Given that her man was in charge of proceedings, “nice” could have been translated into all manner of kinky excess.

He chose a simple thing that was definitely going to be “nice” for me too. He had Elita lie down on the dungeon table and instructed me to massage her rather sore bottom.

I get all the rotten jobs!

This would be a visual and sensual delight at any time, but with her skin red and hot, marked as it was with the emerging ridges and welts from his canes and whips, it became something else. At first I ran my hand over her bottom with a feather-light touch, allowing my fingers to outline its beautiful curves and letting them ride over the marks. But it became too tempting to apply pressure, just a little pressure, to a welt or a cane mark and to see the sensation of it run up her body, a small moan that was full of both pleasure and pain escaping her lips.

Bloody hell, but it was hot to do that to my beautiful Mistress, both intimate and erotic; somehow hotter because her man was watching.

My own “something nice,” when Elita chose that option for me, was rather different; it challenged old limits and perceptions and I describe it here.

The image above isn’t quite what it seems. I knew what I wanted to write, but didn’t have an image from that part of the session. No picture – No Sinful Sunday. So I borrowed Elita’s wonderful bottom from the image below, taken at the end of the session, turned it round through 90 degrees and played with the background a bit.

caning marks both extract

I think I just about got away with it.


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20 thoughts on ““SOMETHING NICE” – (sinful sunday)

  1. Jo

    That *is* something nice – nothing better than that first light feathery touch after a heavy spanking or other impact play!

  2. O

    My word, those are very well-thrashed behinds. I do very much like the contrast between rosy skin, pale skin and silky darkness which seeps in through the lingerie.



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