MELODY’S STORY – part 3, hypnosis in BDSM

By | 20th February 2018

The final in this series of three posts by guest writer Melody I found fascinating. Melody discusses FemDom hypnosis, the holistic submissive experience and the mental and physical horizons that it opens up.

trouser suitThere are many of myths about hypnosis. In general terms you can not be made to do something your sub-conscious finds inimical.  For hypnosis to really work you must want it to.  It’s no use pursuing topics that your sub-conscious knows are not what you really want.

Perhaps the easiest place to start is with some familiar feelings. A domme is an expert at tickling all those triggers in a sub that make him need to submit and serve.  Add hypnotic reinforcement of this and the binding of the sub to the domme goes even deeper.  Reinforcing the trust and the urge to obey have had some interesting benefits when it comes to session activities.

The most dramatic ones being an ability to reassess and address hard limits.

Only in retrospect do I realise how calm I was when she broached the subject of performing needle play. I should have been close to panic.  Months of hypnotic reinforcement of the need to submit and obey totally changed my natural emotions, supressing the fear and accentuating the curiosity.  When it came time for the actual session it was as if a calm mental path had been carved for me to follow.

needle play

Perhaps a more understandable use of this type of hypnotic state are suggestions to extend pain thresholds. In an ongoing CP relationship there will likely be a progression of “training” to increase thresholds.  Those could be pain from whips and canes or anal training.  Hypnosis can help with that.  Suggestions to increase tolerance to pain levels, even suggestions to want to be able to take more pain and to crave those activities.

Of course, this mental power and control by the hypno-domme grows as the trust grows. In that environment constant reinforcement of the need to submit, serve and obey makes those needs an even stronger reality.

For the longest time you’re convinced it’s an interesting game that you can stop at any time. By the time you start to wonder if she’s too deep inside for you to stop, she’s in much deeper than you realise and you’re lost.  And oh, you so want to be lost.

My reason for pursuing the path of hypnosis was to explore emasculation, feminisation and gender. This is a different class of hypnosis, it’s life changing and not just a bit of kinky play.  What’s different here is that not only are there changes in mental perceptions, there are also physical changes that manifest over time.  This is where she digs so deep inside my head that the darkest corners I’m not even aware of are laid bare to her.

There are constant little mind fucks amongst the real biggies. The sub-conscious acts as a guardian and protects from inimical suggestions.  Although it does its job, mine has its own definite sense of humour.  Having learned to trust the domme it now seems to do what it can to facilitate her efforts.

We found that I started having amnesia about the content of the hypnosis sessions. I think my sub-conscious was playing on the meaning of raw honesty.  It wanted to be sure that any effect was genuine and not the result of consciously playing along.  Of course she was fascinated by it and embraced it, so it’s an odd, though now familiar feeling as I’m counted back up to feel all memory of a session flow away like water through a sieve.

There’s a wonderful serenity created from the relaxation of hypnosis and that helps me cope with the mind fuck of circular causes. Did I have that thought or do that thing because it was my idea, or was it a trigger she planted ?  Like all other aspects of FemDom one learns to accept and embrace that there some things it’s beyond the sub to worry about.

There are definite long term effects from this level of hypnosis, some of them quite profound, that have allowed melody to grow and express her own identity. Melody’s self-visualisation and priorities are different to the male persona.  A tidy example is that in being dressed melody has a compulsion to try to look feminine.  To this end melody lost 70 lbs, something impossible for the male persona.  These things manifest in their own strange ways, rarely direct from a suggestion.  Linkages evolve as the sub-conscious does its work, leading to surprises for both me and the domme in the way something manifests.

The depth of trance and her control to induce the amnesia has allowed us to move on to the more contentious area of brainwashing and that is definitely exciting. We’re not talking of the Ipcress File here, nor the Manchurian Candidate.  However, we are talking of sensory deprivation in bondage accompanied by a hypnotic loop.

The picture depicts melody in saran wrap and sensory deprivation hood losing track of time and space for many hours.


Even being quite experienced in mind play, this had unexpectedly strong effects. Some three days later the melody persona was suddenly very real and liberated from all previous shackles.  The male persona was a spectator for a week.  This hints at some fascinating possibilities for continued progress in becoming melody as full time as possible.

Hypnosis is just one part of my life with FemDom. It’s become a very important part since it both helps me submit deeper than I ever imagined possible and works on other levels to enable and free melody, mentally and physically.

These snapshots of what D/s means to melody are just the beginning and I’m very grateful for the opportunity of this platform. Melody will soon have her own platform and I look forward to seeing friends old and new there.

I hope you have enjoyed this series of guest posts with Melody’s experiences of a type of Femdom that is rather different from the sessions I have with Mistress Elita.  I definitely plan to link up to  Melody’s new blog once it’s launched!

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