JUST A GLIMPSE (sinful sunday)

By | 10th March 2018

I recently found myself in a new bedroom with some time on my hands. I decided I wanted a Sinful Sunday shot that had a bit of me in it. |

But not too much. Just a glimpse in fact.

It was only a pub, but the room was interesting with a great four-poster bed.

I took two images but went with this one for Sinful Sunday.

leaving room


Here’s the other picture. You might even prefer it.


More Sunday sin here:


Sinful Sunday

23 thoughts on “JUST A GLIMPSE (sinful sunday)

  1. missy

    I also like both images. The bed looks really dramatic and I like the way there is just a glimpse of you in both pictures 🙂

  2. May More

    The mirror shot is just gorgeous – i stayed in a pub with a four poster once – great idea, think all pubs should get into having them 😉

  3. Indigo Byrd

    Being an arse woman I love the first especially given that you are outlined so deliciously by the towel, but I also love what the mirror reveals – thats a serious bed!

  4. eye

    Didn’t you just love a hotel room B1? I know they give me a thrill but especially when accompanied by a man in just a towel

  5. Jo

    I like how it just looks like you’re just walking through the frame in the first one – like an impromptu capture!

  6. nilla

    mmm…I’ll take both as winners! There’s a hint of “done” in the first, with a promise of more in the second. Lovely settings and seriously sensual images in both.


  7. Violet

    Impossible to choose! To Cara’s point, they are highly narrative. Perhaps you should submit one as a prompt for #masturbationmonday or another meme!

  8. Molly

    There is something about the rumpled sheets in the second image and the glimpse of your chest that I actually find very provocative


  9. Mrs Fever

    I’m a fan of cleverly executed reflection shots, which means #2 intrigues me – especially with the angle, and the bare-ly there glimpse of you.

    I also like the first photo, but for different reasons. There’s an everyday-casual intimacy about it that makes it an inviting composition.

  10. Missy

    I love both – but the second one highlights the lovely bed, the first one highlights your lovely arse!
    Missy x


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