FROM BEHIND – (kink of the week)

By | 10th April 2018

Of course, going behind, or having sex “Doggy style,” as this weeks Kink Of The Week topic puts it, CAN be about making love rather than fucking. (If you’re the type of person that likes to draw that distinction. I am, by the way).

When “making love” doggy style, I like to make full use of the control afforded by this particular position. I like the way I can enter her just a little, perhaps no more than an inch, and then rock backwards and forwards slowly, letting her vulva open and close as the groove behind the head of my cock, the corona, passes and re-passes the entrance. (I had to Google “Penis anatomy” to come up with “corona” and, frankly, I’m wishing I hadn’t). I like to do this half a dozen times, maybe more, until this alone isn’t enough for her and then, deliberately denying myself the instant gratification of the quick thrust, I will fill her slowly.

Very slowly.

In fact, I’ll fill her achingly, maddeningly, inch-by-precious-inch slowly.

I’ll hold her firmly by the hips, controling, moment by moment, exactly how deep I am into her; filling her only at my pace, my grasp on her hips guarding against the moment when she attempts to thrust backwards and absorb me before I’m ready.

Perhaps this total control of her pleasure is a more dominant act than the hard fucking that will come later.

Deep in her, I might pause a moment, enjoying her warm wetness, and then withdraw, just as slowly, until once again I am at her entrance, rocking backwards and forwards; in-out, in-out, in-out, until I’m ready, slowly, inexorably to fill her once more.

Of course, the reality is that this tender loving is all just foreplay.

This is what happens before the hard fucking that the sight of her arse, the curve of her back and her little moans of pleasure will make inevitable.

Ideally I’ll have tied a pretty little pentagram chest harness before we start. She’ll have admired the way the ropes cross and re-cross her chest,  amplifying her curves. You wont have noticed that this particular harness puts a rope knot in the small of herback, or have realised that when I twist this knot, it will feel that I have stretched a giant’s long fingered hand round her body, gripping her tight until she fears not being able to breathe. She wont have noticed that, with this knot, I can control her utterly, pulling her body hard backwards, just as mine thrusts forwards, burying myself into her hard again and again.

She wont have noticed that, using this knot to control her body leaves me with a hand free.

Ah, the things I’ll be able to do with that free hand.

I’ll pick up a flogger and flog her back, stirring pain into her pleasure like chilli oil into a soup. I’ll bury the long index finger from that free hand in her arse, fucking her deep in her taboo, while my cock fucks her wet cunt. I’ll use that free hand to slap her arse hand-print hard just before she comes in a wet, sweaty, crying mess.

God, but I love that moment; the way she gives herself up to the waves of pleasure that I’m causing; the way she lets them pick her up and carrys her along before breaking over her, seeming to drown her in their overwhelming tumult. I love how, exhausted by their force,  she rides their ripples to the shore.

So yes. I admit it. “Doggy style” works for me.

In fact is presses all kinds of buttons, some of which I only recently knew I had.



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4 thoughts on “FROM BEHIND – (kink of the week)

  1. Molly

    I love the description of the rope harness. I have never tried that but it sounds fucking hot


  2. HappyComeLucky

    Oh yes! This is why I love doggy style. Excellent writing as always. The growl inducing heat of the moment expressed wonderfully in words.

  3. Posy Churchgate

    Ahh – descriptive eloquent filth, the kind I love best. You describe it all so well (and yeah corona is not a sexy term, I’m sure GirlontheNet was bemoaning another bit of penis terminology this week too!). You nearly lost me at ‘pentagram chest harness’ but maybe that is because I haven’t tried it and it makes me feel nervous, but I also think it’s because at that point I felt you were thinking of your pleasure more than your partner’s – but hey, maybe she’s loving the feels it gives her too. Anyway, great piece!


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