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We had a few beers, me and @BarelyLuchid We had a burger too. He insisted that we order the “Six Nations” option, quite deliberately choosing a meal that included, INSIDE THE BUN, both a hideously greasy hash brown (potato – Irish, you see) AND chopped leeks (for Wales – you’re getting the idea now) just so he had… Read More »

SPANKED – (sinful sunday)

Sometimes, all I want to do after a beating is lie in a darkened hotel room and just drift on the endorphin clouds, enjoying the soreness and the delicious feeling of having survived. But it can also be fun to be with people who know what I’ve been doing and to enjoy their sympathetic interest as I share… Read More »


Me, two days ago, to Mistress Elita: “Hi! I hope you are well. I might need to be smacked around a bit and was wondering if you had any time available on….”

EROTICON – meet and greet

Having told everyone I wasn’t going to Eroticon, as I was going on holiday instead, a late change of plan actually sees me spending some time at the annual sex-bloggers conference. As one of the reasons for cancelling the holiday was to spend time with my son, I can hardly disappear for the whole weekend,… Read More »

JUST A GLIMPSE (sinful sunday)

I recently found myself in a new bedroom with some time on my hands. I decided I wanted a Sinful Sunday shot that had a bit of me in it. | But not too much. Just a glimpse in fact.


As the door connecting Mistress Elita’s sumptuous lounge to her bedroom inches open, giving you a, perhaps unexpected, glimpse of what she’s doing with her client, what is your first thought, your first reaction, to the scene?

THE SPANKER’S STORY – guest post

I first met this guy, we’ll call him ‘M,’ online through my twitter account and we became regular DM correspondents. He told me he related strongly to the depth of emotional engagement I describe in my sessions with professional Dommes and subs and he described his own, similarly intense, feelings about his sessions with professional… Read More »


“Beautiful.” It was breathed rather than said. A single word, uttered in an almost absent-minded way; a commentary to herself rather than a complement to me. I barely heard it, but it was definitely there. “Beautiful.”

TIED – (sinful sunday)

Exactly a year ago, (to the day if you’re reading this on Sunday) I entered Mistress Elita’s stunning aparment for a session with her and a friend who, I had been told, was new to sex work. Sat in Elita’s armchair, a robe wrapped tightly round her as if for protection, was a strikingly beautiful young woman with… Read More »


I owe Mistress Elita a great debt for bringing the very lovely Miss Lilly Watson into my life exactly a year ago. That Elita should have been happy for me to be the very first client at the start of her friend’s journey into sex work seemed a great honour and privilege.


A session with American pro-submissive Katie is only an occasional indulgence. There’s no particular excuse for it, other than I really like her. And the fact that our sessions are beyond intense.