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Somehow this blog is still here.  I am constantly disobeying my own instructions to myself to take it down; yet, at the end of 2017 here it is and running at eight or nine thousand page reads a month which seems like a lot for so niche a subject area! Continue reading

DEAR LILLY – overnight

Imagine you were a regular client of a Michelin starred restaurant. Perhaps you visit once a month, dropping a few hundred pounds on expense account meals. Would you expect the chef to spend time between your visits chatting about the food you’d eaten, the menu, what you might be looking for on your next visit? No. That wouldn’t be reasonable. For the same reason, clients need to respect the value of a sex-workers time in their pre and post session communication.

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Sometimes a session makes me realise that I am still playing in the foothills of the high mountains of sensation to which the exploration of my masochistic tendencies could lead me. And so it was with my recent short meeting with Mistress Elita.

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WOLF IN WOLF’S CLOTHING (sinful sunday)

Just another moody monochrome of a Dom in a suit about to punish the young, lingerie wearing submissive kneeling at his feet. It’s a standard BDSM trope,  found all over Twitter and Instagram. However, it always seems to me that the BDSM in these scenes is more likely to be mild spanking as a form of foreplay than a harsh punishment. The participants are surely too young and beautiful, too hot, to keep their hands off each other for longer than that.

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SWIMSUIT FETISH – and other tropes

I look up as she arrives for our hotel room assignation. God, she’s lovely. She wears a swaying flowery skirt with a cardigan and I can just make out the straps of the skimpy swimsuit I asked her to wear. Her outfit is part 50’s glamour, part girl next door, part sex kitten which makes it 100% @MissLillyWatson and I’m struck by a surge of pleasure at the sight of her. She’s a bit floaty from the spa treatment and massage I arranged and her soft hug of gratitude makes me melt.

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