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THE ENVELOPE – a short story

He sits across the aisle from me, displaying all the outer trappings of wealthy convention; a suit, good shirt with gold cufflinks and a smart leather briefcase open on the table. The carriage is mostly empty so he has four seats and a table to himself. I watch him from hooded eyes, pretending to be asleep because… Read More »

BEACH ENCOUNTER – lives collide

I’d been conscious of the pretty girl and her mother since we arrived at the small beach-side hotel. The mother, 40-something, was bubbly, slim and attractive but her daughter, early twenties and just out of University, was a babe.  Physically, she was undoubtedly a beautiful creature but what had caught my attention was the way… Read More »


I loved the image for this week’s ‘Night World’ Wicked Wednesday prompt. I could just imagine walking down this street to meet a Mistress, all fear and anticipation. That was what I started to write but I found my imagination wandering into very different, and much darker, territory….


A scenario where one player appears, at least on the surface, to be forcing some action on another against their will can be the most thrilling of BDSM scenes. It requires trust, good communication and a deep understanding of where the submissive player’s real limits are. This little story draws somewhat on an actual scenario… Read More »

RUNWAY HIT – a spanky short story

In the ‘Lippie’ short story competition each entrant was given the name of a Lipstick and had to use that for a story. I got  “Runway Hit”. Being male I immediately thought of planes and the smell of burning fuel rather than the fashion show type of runway that was no doubt in the mind… Read More »