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We had a few beers, me and @BarelyLuchid We had a burger too. He insisted that we order the “Six Nations” option, quite deliberately choosing a meal that included, INSIDE THE BUN, both a hideously greasy hash brown (potato – Irish, you see) AND chopped leeks (for Wales – you’re getting the idea now) just so he had… Read More »


A friend of mine went to boarding school. We met at university and have got drunk together, cooked together, holidayed together and we are Godfather to each other’s first-born children. Once, we nearly died together.


The maudlin little tweet below is from a few days ago. I was home alone,  the day after an afternoon of spanky fun at Miss Hunter’s Slayers party that had been followed by a blissfully intimate and erotic couple of hours with the adorable Lilly Watson. I was coming down with a bump. At that moment, I was… Read More »

DEAR ELITA – two years on

Dear Elita It’s been almost exactly two years now! How many sessions? I suspect more than one a month. Thirty? Forty even? Are you bored of me yet? I’m so completely not bored of you. Nor of the things you do to me, the things we do together. For me, it still feels new and fresh, edgy… Read More »

THE HAIRDRESSER – losing my virginity

There were only a few of us left after the impromptu staff party in the unused cellar bar of the out-of-town, out-of-season hotel. The snow had gone and the spring conference season hadn’t started so the staff at our Scottish ski resort were under-worked.


‘S wonderful! ‘S marvelous You should care for me ‘S awful nice! ‘S paradise ‘S what I love to see I took Lilly to see the London production of An American in Paris, a wonderful fusion of a classic love story with Gershwin’s music and some quite stunning ballet. I had hoped that its 1940’s glamour would… Read More »

HONEY – I’m seeing a Dominatrix

Honey, I’m seeing a Professional Dominatrix. In fact I’ve been seeing Dommes for substantial parts of our married life. I always wanted to tell you I was a masochist but, as the pile of lies grew, it became more difficult to see the other side.