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“YES, MISTRESS” – triggers for submission

“Yes, Mistress”   “No, Mistress”   “Thank You, Mistress”   At times I describe myself as “not very submissive” and indeed the outer reaches of the world of female supremacy and male subjugation, the world of Sardax and his wonderful art, are places I have no real desire to visit.

DEAR ELITA – two years on

Dear Elita It’s been almost exactly two years now! How many sessions? I suspect more than one a month. Thirty? Forty even? Are you bored of me yet? I’m so completely not bored of you. Nor of the things you do to me, the things we do together. For me, it still feels new and fresh, edgy… Read More »

THE FEMDOM BALL – barely submissive

So, tomorrow, Saturday the 7th, I am going to attend the Femdom Ball, an event dedicated to female supremacy; a ballroom full of supremely dominant women in rubber, leather and lace. The men will be there only as submissive slaves to fetch and carry, to worship and obey; obeisant at all times to the glorious visions… Read More »


Last time I tried to drill down into what it meant to me to play a BDSM session with Elita’s man, Molly, the lovely and wonderful doyenne of sex blogging suggested it was something I was only beginning to explore and would come back to. Well she was right, because here I am; coming back to… Read More »

URGES – needy

It’s an urge – it comes on me from time to time, creeps into my mind via the door at the back and just stands there watching me. I try to ignore it and carry on with my life, deliberately looking the other way, hoping that when I eventually turn round it will be gone.… Read More »

MALE LINGERIE – what to wear

This post has been around in my head since the surprisingly (to me at any rate) positive response to my D Is For Dressed post, which asked the question “What to wear to a beating?” and showed a picture of myself wearing a tight fitting, arse exposing item of what I thought of as male lingerie. I’d bought… Read More »

GFE – a kink for authenticity

Not many who read my blog are either sex workers or their clients so let me explain: GFE stands for Girlfriend Experience, which is not to be confused with PSE (Porn Star Experience) or indeed the myriad of other experiences offered by the creative, intelligent, wonderfully empathetic people who call themselves sex workers.