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HOLIDAY TREAT – showing Lilly to The Mistress

Well, the treat is really mine as I’m on holiday with some friends for a few days. I don’t have time to write a long post. However, as a treat for you, here is a picture of  the beautiful and lovely Lilly Watson.

YOU HURT ME! – well duh, she’s a domme

YOU HURT ME! Yup. It’s a strange thing for a submissive masochist to say after a session with a Dominatrix. Elita hurting me is, after all,  the primary dynamic of our sessions. But this time it felt different for me.


All my sessions as a submissive contain at least some element of Corporal Punishment (CP) and it is frequently the culmination, the “main event,” of the scene we play out. However, only rarely do I have a session made up exclusively of this one kink.


Sometimes a session makes me realise that I am still playing in the foothills of the high mountains of sensation to which the exploration of my masochistic tendencies could lead me. And so it was with my recent short meeting with Mistress Elita.

SWIMSUIT FETISH – and other tropes

I look up as she arrives for our hotel room assignation. God, she’s lovely. She wears a swaying flowery skirt with a cardigan and I can just make out the straps of the skimpy swimsuit I asked her to wear. Her outfit is part 50’s glamour, part girl next door, part sex kitten which makes it 100% @MissLillyWatson… Read More »


Last week I booked into a hotel room, lay on the bed and waited for an unknown Mistress. My earlier Sinful Sunday post described the unnatural stillness of the moments before and after the beating she gave me.  As happens sometimes, it’s taken me a while for me to rationalise my responses to the session itself.


“Get back here, you!” called the gaoler, as she neared the relative safety of the hallway, her bottom sore from the impact of his hand through the thin cotton of her bloomers. Her friend was already there, shaking in fear against the cold stone wall. “You didn’t think that was your punishment did you? HaHaHa! That… Read More »

TORN BLOOMERS – fantasies (KOTW)

Many of my real fantasies, the ones I find in my head when I’m disturbed or stressed, are dark and non-consensual punishment scenes. Sometimes I’m the perpetrator and sometimes I’m the one being punished but the consistent components are an unwilling, tightly bound victim, and the authority figure handing out corporal punishment of escalating violence.… Read More »

ALMOST TOO MUCH – surely not!

What would be too much sex? Could a scene ever be too hot; could it burn so brightly that the darkness left after the flames died down was just too black. I find myself wondering these things in a lonely hotel room somewhere in Asia. My trip to the airport was interrupted by 90 minutes of the most… Read More »

DOXY VIRGINS – orgasm and denial

I once rented a chainsaw and had to wade through 20 pages of safety information before I learnt how to turn it on. I was STRONGLY advised to seek a course of instruction before first use and rightly so; in the wrong hands a chainsaw could cause untold havoc.

CRYING GAME – Lilly’s story

I’ve already described how it felt when Lilly broke down and cried in front of me as I removed her blindfold at the end of an intense kidnap scene. I was both concerned that I had pushed her too far and touched that she felt secure enough to show me the emotional vulnerability of that moment.