YOU HURT ME! – well duh, she’s a domme

By | 9th January 2018


Yup. It’s a strange thing for a submissive masochist to say after a session with a Dominatrix. Elita hurting me is, after all,  the primary dynamic of our sessions. But this time it felt different for me.

Perhaps it was going into the session only ten minutes after finishing a long, relaxed lunch with a twitter friend. I had no time for preparation, no time to generate the right amount of protective adrenaline. Perhaps it wasn’t that at all; perhaps she really did hurt me.

It wasn’t a complicated session: the new “Hydra” whip that some idiot had bought her (OK it was me), a beating with a thick, sturdy cane and some hard nipple play.  She finished with sensual play with my cock.

You’ll look at the images below, the blood on the cane, the broken skin, and assume that it was the CP that got through to me. It was hard, properly challenging, just as I like it, but I never felt really out of control with it.

caning marks combined

No, on this occasion it was the way she’d worked on my nipples with her fingers and her teeth that had me sat in a corner of the casino half an hour later, not playing cards but just curled up inside myself, a bit lost. I can’t really explain why it seemed so hard.

Like I say, she hurt me.

None of this is any type of complaint. It was a great session and I actually relished that post session feeling of having been tested; relief that it had ended mingling with regret; just letting myself drift for a while in quiet contemplation, reliving our short hour together.

At one point Elita had been sat astride me, biting my left nipple hard until I was twisting and turning under her. Then, as she moved across to work on the other nipple, she swung her long, lustrously dark hair behind her head and over to the other side of her beautiful face to keep it out of the way. Each time she changed from one side to the other she performed this same elegant and supremely feminine, movement. It was the simplest act, but it was as hot as fuck. No, really! It got me every time she did it.

The whipping and caning had been painful perfection. At one level, Corporal Punishment is something that is done by the Domme to the submissive. But good CP, really good CP, always feels like a shared, creative act; an intense drama for two players, each drawing strength from their partner, daring themselves and each other to take the performance to the next level. This session was, to me at least, full of that deliciously intense interaction.

But yes, she did hurt me.

I love it when Elita shows me my blood on her cane. It’s hot to me on all kinds of kinky levels: her delight in it; the feeling of having gifted her the opportunity to do something so extreme; my own pride at having taken our game that far.

But it always makes me shiver a bit too.

Here’s a post with my intense but conflicted reactions to the first time I saw  blood on the cane.


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6 thoughts on “YOU HURT ME! – well duh, she’s a domme

  1. Cara Thereon

    Power exchange. Shared experience through such sessions. Totally get it. Spankings are definitely like that for me because I always feel like it was intimate even if no sex was had.

  2. Molly

    This sentence “the feeling of having gifted her the opportunity to do something so extreme; my own pride at having taken our game that far.” really sums up for me what a good impact session means to me and the pride I have in both taking it and the marks I carry on my afterwards


  3. Modesty Ablaze

    As always . . . your words are more insightful, more illuminating, more intense . . . and more powerful . . . than those more obvious focal points.
    And, as an aside, I always find that it is nipples that generate the most immediate responses !!!
    Xxx – K

  4. Jo

    Consensual CP always feels like a “shared, creative act” – yes! I love this sentiment! The D/s dynamic can be quite like a dance – both partners playing off each other in physical, verbal, or tacit call and response.

  5. Mr. AbsinthePassion

    I think the unexpected pain that makes us question ourselves makes for the most memorable experiences. Mrs. AP has given me hundreds of blowjobs over our eight years together, but the one that always sticks out as most memorable is the time in the shower where she pulled me so tightly against her face that her fingernails drew blood from my ass. I couldn’t sit down for hours, but more importantly, I had to process just how much more intense my orgasm was from being coupled with sharp pain. Before that moment, I’d never identified masochistic tendencies in myself. It was a good lesson to learn.

  6. Marie Rebelle

    Do you think if Elita does the same again, bite you in the same way, but your mindset is different, that you had the time to prepare, that it would hurt less? Somehow I think it would. I have noticed in my sessions with my husband that there are so many factors which contribute to feeling the pain more or feeling it less. It has once happened in a session that I was so terribly low on myself (and hiding it from everyone else) and the moment the first blow of a paddle landed on my bottom I started crying. By the fifth or the sixth I was sobbing and everything stopped. I could not stop crying and it was only hours later that I was finally in the proper mindset to have a good session.

    On another note: I <3 those pictures!

    Rebel xox


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