HOLIDAY TREAT – showing Lilly to The Mistress

Well, the treat is really mine as I’m on holiday with some friends for a few days. I don’t have time to write a long post. However, as a treat for you, here is a picture of  the beautiful and lovely Lilly Watson.

“YES, MISTRESS” – triggers for submission

“Yes, Mistress”   “No, Mistress”   “Thank You, Mistress”   At times I describe myself as “not very submissive” and indeed the outer reaches of the world of female supremacy and male subjugation, the world of Sardax and his wonderful art, are places I have no real desire to visit.


A life in three tweets. Well, not a life exactly, but important elements of it. Also a summation of what has been in my head since I spent a whole night in a kinky dungeon B&B with the completely lovely Lilly Watson before Christmas; feelings and thoughts which were amplified by hot BDSM play with her and… Read More »

SPANKING – another level (guest post)

Its not often I get a comment longer that the post  being commented about! Kim recently left this comment on a very early post about my love for spanking.  I found the way she writes about her desire to be spanked way past the point of tears very intense. I have to admit that the idea… Read More »

YOU HURT ME! – well duh, she’s a domme

YOU HURT ME! Yup. It’s a strange thing for a submissive masochist to say after a session with a Dominatrix. Elita hurting me is, after all,  the primary dynamic of our sessions. But this time it felt different for me.

SELENE – moon goddess (sinful sunday)

I love London. So often you stumble across something totally unexpected. Walking though Soho the other day, having been on shopping trip for…well, never mind what I had been shopping for… I turned a corner to find this statue on the Nadler Hotel. It stopped me for several minutes and then, having torn myself away as far… Read More »

MELODY’S STORY, PART 1 – submission

Today I have a guest post for you. This comes from Melody who occasionally writes insightful extended comments on my blog. If you walked in on Melody and I mid-session you would be struck by the similarities; a male tied to a bench being beaten by a dominatrix. You might think our kinks were the same.

POSTURE – beauty is in the eye

Is it hopelessly old-fashioned of me to say that how a woman carries herself is part of what will make her attractive to me? Am I marked out for ever as a dinosaur for finding good posture erotic? If so, I must plead guilty and accept your disapproval.