TIGHT – (sinful sunday)

“You grabbed the knot on the back of my harness, tightening it and making me feel like you were gripping my whole chest at once with one extended long-fingered hand, forcing my weight down hard onto the vibrator until I nearly screamed, dominating me.”

BDSM PORN – and a confession (KOTW)

I’m not a huge watcher of porn but, unsurprisingly, what draws me in when I do is, for the most part, kinky. I remember looking at spanking magazines such as Janus back in the 80’s, usually too unsure of myself to actually buy them; instead admiring the post-spanking blush on the female bottoms that invariably… Read More »

PENTAGRAM – rope, leather, skin (sinful sunday)

I love this image. It’s from my second one to one session with Miss S. It’s a joint effort; I took the picture on my phone and she turned it into the beautiful, soft, black and white you see here. She thought it looked like a kinky perfume advert and I can only agree.

IT’S ALL RELATIVE – your caning, my caning

I had a conversation recently with someone who had been caned for the first time. Six strokes. It had obviously had quite an effect and marked an important development in her exploration of kink. She described the anticipation; the pause between the sound of the impact and the sharp pain it produced; the fight to… Read More »