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DUNGEON – three (sinful sunday)

Occasionally, when flush with guilt-free poker winnings, I will book both a dominant and a submissive for a session of sensual kink, immersing myself in conflicting sensations of pain and pleasure as we play games of power and control. The feeling is of having all my buttons pressed simultaneously.

THREESOME – part 1 – prepared

There really was no excuse for this. Overwhelmed by January’s relentless mundanity? Weeks, months even, of barely talking to my partner? Brexitrump? Perhaps I just needed to switch it all off and throw myself into a few hours of hedonistic pleasure. A couple of nice wins at poker provided the final impetus and the funds.


My earliest lesson on the importance of safewords was a harsh one. In my very first session with a professional Mistress, and with no experience whatsoever, the physical and emotional shock of her assault on me was so great that I blanked the safeword, forgot even that I had given her a safeword before the… Read More »

CHESTERFIELD – sinful sunday

This chair is in our bedroom. It’s a very fine Chesterfield sofa. I have had a bit of a thing about this type of chair, ever since I was pushed over the arm of one and flogged. The Chesterfield could have been invented solely for this purpose; it could have been advertised with the tagline:… Read More »

CHESTERFIELD – not just a chair

In the second part of Lars von Trier’s epic sexploration film, Nymphomaniac, Jamie Bell’s character gives two ferocious beatings to Charlotte Gainsbourg; one with a riding crop,  the second with a self made cat-o-nine-tails. She is tied down over the rolled arms of an ancient Chesterfield sofa for both punishments.