LYRA’S STORY (guest post)

So far, all my guest posts have come from “men-who-see-Dommes” with obvious parallels to my own part-hidden kinky life. Here is something a little different. Lyra popped into my DM’s just a week or so ago, telling me how my exploration of my masochism, which is at the heart of my blog, had helped her build… Read More »


This week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt asked what hot, sexy things one might get up to with a million dollars. Well, owning this apartment might be a good start. Were it in London or New York, that might not be sufficient, but it’s in a small town in the Midlands and I might get it for that,… Read More »

Flogged (sinful sunday)

I would enjoy this image if I just stumbled across it on someone else’s twitter; the curve of her beautiful bottom, the warmth of their naked embrace; these are enticing things to me.

J’S TALE – guest post

I always enjoy it when I can provide a platform for a kinky male who, like me, leads a life where a significant part of their true selves is “in the closet.” It’s fun to give such folk a chance to peek out of the closet and tell their story.

FROM BEHIND – (kink of the week)

Of course, going behind, or having sex “Doggy style,” as this weeks Kink Of The Week topic puts it, CAN be about making love rather than fucking. (If you’re the type of person that likes to draw that distinction. I am, by the way).

SLAPPED (sinful sunday)

We were nearing the end of a super-intense threesome BDSM session. I’d been in very deep and was asking for more, asking Elita to slap me, an act that, for me at least, manages to combine great intimacy with great violence. She’d obliged, hitting me hard and fast, sending me still deeper into my masochistic self.

MORE – lots more

I’ve sensed it over our last few sessions. They’ve seemed more intense. Harder. Deeper. And afterwards a greater feeling of being lost. Shocked. Unsettled.

BONDAGE GORILLA! (sinful sunday)

I’m later than normal to Sinful Sunday but I only returned last night from a rescue mission to see my son who has found himself, with no training, cooking for 12/14 people, 6 days a week, in a ski resort.


A comment recently popped into a blog post from last year where I had written about “Intimacy and the Girlfriend Experience.” In contrast to the wonderfully affectionate connection that I had described, the person writing the comment had found his  experience cold, perfunctory and altogether less joyful.

AWAY FOR THE WEEKEND (sinful sunday)

Packing for Eroticon I couldn’t think why the case wouldn’t shut when I was packing for only one night, pushing up at me stubbornly as I tried to close it. I realised later why that was. I had two lengths of rope, a bag of clothes pegs (clothespins to Mercans), my little bag of insecurities and… Read More »

SEX IS ACE! – winding down

I’ve read my earlier post again and realise, in the cold light of day, that it might seem boastful; “Hey, look at me! Look at all the things I got to do with a beautiful woman half my age!”  I accept that. I’m nearly sixty; I’m a bit overweight; I suffer from erectile dysfunction. Yet last weekend,… Read More »