RITUAL – preparations

It’s a ritual I go through. Not before every session; only those where I know I’m going to be really tested. This one for instance. I’m definitely going through my ritual of preparation for this session. It’s going to be judicial caning, taken with no warm up, delivered by a man.

AFTER THE PARTY – the arnica rub (sinful sunday)

I wrote yesterday about my first visit to the Slayers Corporal Punishment party. It was quite an afternoon; sessions with each of three Mistresses and a final caning from all three of them working together. It was all co-ordinated by the wonderful Miss Hunter, with whom I had had a previous private session.

THE CANING PARTY – under London’s streets

A visitor once described London as a great party you’re not invited to, full of secret, niche things down side-alleys that you’d never know about if you didn’t know someone who knows someone. On Thursday, for example, shoppers at a busy street market were walking backwards and forwards over a glass pavement, under which this… Read More »

URGES – needy

It’s an urge – it comes on me from time to time, creeps into my mind via the door at the back and just stands there watching me. I try to ignore it and carry on with my life, deliberately looking the other way, hoping that when I eventually turn round it will be gone.… Read More »

SENSUAL PLEASURES (sinful sunday)

Making bread is such a sensual pleasure. I wasn’t going to do a Sinful Sunday this weekend as I’ve got a houseful of people to cook for. Also, I decided that not to do a Sinful Sunday, to deny myself its weekly fix of reads and comments, would be a good discipline as I am… Read More »

WANTING – all the wanting

She’s got me standing, facing her, my back pushed against the hard metal and leather of the flogging frame. Minutes earlier, facing the other way, I was being flogged and my skin is now alive with sensation. The only thing I’m wearing is a thin cord, tied tight round the base of my cock and my balls.… Read More »