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THE HAIRDRESSER – losing my virginity

There were only a few of us left after the impromptu staff party in the unused cellar bar of the out-of-town, out-of-season hotel. The snow had gone and the spring conference season hadn’t started so the staff at our Scottish ski resort were under-worked.

GO! GO! GOLDFINCHES! – the English student

Having taken dance lessons since childhood, applying to join the Goldfinches, the College cheerleading team, had seemed a great way for Sasha to make new friends. And, as the only English student at South Iowa Tech in Ottumwa, 80 miles and 50 years from Des Moines, friends was what she most needed. Although cheerleading had… Read More »

HOLIDAY INN – chance meeting (a story)

My heart sinks, just a little, when I enter the hotel. Same lobby. Same plastic plants. Same anodyne music. Same “Good evening! Welcome to the Holiday Inn”. Same as last week and the week before. I check in feeling listless and unmotivated.


This kinky little fantasy scene was prompted by a search term that had evidently brought someone to my site. He (I assume it was a he) would have been disappointed as there is no story here linking Female Domination and chocolate. Well, there wasn’t; not till now. I decided that if “Chocolate Femdom Story” is what people… Read More »


A bit of nonsense, this. It started as an entry into the #Euphoff competition which looks for terrible sex writing, all full of awful euphemisms for body parts and sex acts. The only problem was I got to the allotted 500 words and realised that, while it passed the ‘terrible writing’ test it had neither a single sex… Read More »

THE BDSM PARTY – submission

He had arranged to go to the Femdom event with his regular Mistress, as a chance to try something new, explore a different dynamic in their relationship. They had planned to session in one of the well equipped play rooms provided by the organisers. When she had phoned that morning to explain that a family crisis was going to… Read More »

KIDNAP! – a story of fear, pain and sex

I have a bit of a fantasy for the idea of kidnapping. It plays to those parts of my kink that are about loss of control and non-consent and I very much enjoyed writing a kidnap story early in the life of my blog. This new story plays with the same dynamics. Warning: This story contains scenes of  sexual violence… Read More »


This post, which is entirely a fantasy, contains implied non-consensual violence that will offend some people. In fact, despite having written the post, it offends ME. It offends me because this is/was a fantasy of mine for years and, having written it down, I’m faced with the truth of what my fantasy actually means. That shocked me so… Read More »

THE CHOCOLATE LOAF – baking class

I recognise the type as soon as she walks into my kitchen. In the three years I’ve been running my occasional bread baking classes  there’s been a few like her. Forty something; part of the Nicola Horlick “you can have it all” generation; she and her husband have both been banking million pound city bonuses for a few… Read More »