There are many blogs focussed on kink and some of them are very good. The majority are by either lifestyle kinky folk writing about their kinky lifestyle or by kinky sex workers.

But what about the person leading an outwardly vanilla life; in a relationship where the partner is unaware of their kinky nature; who has needs that are a deeply important part of their make-up and whose only way to satisfy those needs is to pay to see a sex-worker? I am just such a person, having been aware of my kinky nature from a very early age and I describe how those kinks developed in About Me.

After an intense BDSM session it is hard to just walk away back to a vanilla world where all the emotional and physical responses to the extreme sensations and experiences have to be bottled up. The blog lets me work that out by writing about it.

If I had to label myself, I guess I might choose “somewhat submissive masochist who likes to switch” though I have explored a fairly wide range of sessions in both the UK and the USA. Here I describe sessions I have had and how I felt about them and in general let my kinky persona out a bit more. Hopefully you will find it amusing, interesting and erotic.


From time to time a sex worker I have seen may allow me to write directly about my experience with them and to mention their name or link to their website. I will have sought their express permission before doing so. This is a privilege that I do not wish to abuse. Please DO NOT ask me for any of the following things:

  • descriptions of individual sex workers
  • comparisons between sex workers
  • more detail of sessions than what is written here
  • recommendations for sex workers

I will not be able to respond to such requests and may have committed to the sex worker involved that I will not do so.


The blog posts are in a number of categories:

Sessions which are based around my varied experience of paid for BDSM sessions

From the closet musings about the split life those of us not in a kinky relationship have to lead

Stories err, you got it, stories, largely based on sessions I have had, fantasized about, or heard about from others

Miscellany for anything that doesn’t fit elsewhere but appeals to my warped mind anyway


A couple of the early posts have previously appeared as guest blogs on other sites


Nearly all the images on my site are from one of these sources:

  • Taken by me (with permission when required)
  • Taken by someone with whom I was sessioning (used with permission)
  • From a paid for Shutterstock account

In older posts there may be a few images that do not fall into these categories but I intend to stick to the rules henceforth

2 thoughts on “WHY I WRITE THIS BLOG

  1. Christian

    Amazing. Just utterly amazing. You describe my life. It’s almost as if you’ve been watching me. You describe all the horrible and lovely contradictions of our secret lives. I’m now a fan. Stumbled over you today. Now hooked. And so wonderfully written. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’m not alone.

  2. Nylon Slave

    I stumbled across your blog today and I think it’s fantastic. I appreciate your openness about your journey and experiences. I am in my early 50s and have only just begun playing with a Mistress. It’s a passion that I’ve had since childhood. Like many people, I struggled with trying to understand my submissive tendencies while hiding it from everyone I knew. I am fortunate now to have the ability to explore this and it’s blogs such as yours that make this exploration so much easier. So thank you and I look forward to your future entries.


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