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WOLF IN WOLF’S CLOTHING (sinful sunday)

Just another moody monochrome of a Dom in a suit about to punish the young, lingerie wearing submissive kneeling at his feet. It’s a standard BDSM trope,  found all over Twitter and Instagram. However, it always seems to me that the BDSM in these scenes is more likely to be mild spanking as a form of foreplay… Read More »

READY FOR PUNISHMENT- (sinful sunday)

I’d planned this for a while, this realisation of an old prison punishment fantasy that had its origins in a strong caning scene I’d found online. I’d booked the venue, made the arrangements with the two girls and ordered the costumes I wanted them to wear.


I wrote a few days ago about the recognition that performance anxiety about sex had been with me most of my life. I tend to blame any current issues on blood pressure medication but, in reality it’s much older.  However, I’m starting to feel more confident about sex and even enjoying actual… you know…’intercourse,’ as well… Read More »

A BIT OF COMPANY (sinful sunday)

I’m only staying at the 5* Mandarin Oriental Hotel because my local business partner is paying the bill, but I’m now bored of its bland luxury. It’s been a long trip and I was feeling lonely earlier, which is how I had come to be in the hotel’s cocktail bar.

HOTEL – wasted luxury (sinful sunday)

I’m at a Hotel in Asia. Not been here long after a 14 hour flight. The room has that faceless luxury that only international hotels manage. It’s modern and plush and everything works, but it could be anywhere.

ELITA GETS A CANING – (sinful sunday)

This is what happens when Mistress Elita lets her submissive side out to play. She plays pretty hard. Thirty strokes with a thick, dense cane from her man. Long swings with real force. All thirty of them. I saw every single one from directly in front of her. I saw the pain of them all in her… Read More »

LOW BLOW (sinful sunday)

The crease at the bottom of the buttocks, just where it joins the top of the thighs, is an area of very soft and super-sensitive skin. He knows this, Elita’s man. He taps the cane insistently on the exact spot he intends to hit, right on that crease.