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“SOMETHING NICE” – (sinful sunday)

Towards the end of an intense, three-way, corporal punishment game in a dungeon, I had the option to choose “something nice” for Elita without knowing what it was going to be. Given that her man was in charge of proceedings, “nice” could have been translated into all manner of kinky excess.

AFTERCARE – arnica rub (sinful sunday)

Last week I had a super intense three way BDSM session in a dungeon with Mistress Elita and her man. I knew from before that he was very skilled with a cane. It turns out that he’s just as good with a whip.

PARTY TIME – the grand finale (sinful sunday)

My second visit to Miss Hunter’s amazing “Slayers” spanking and corporal punishment party seemed quite different from the first. Perhaps, having been before, I was just less nervous. The atmosphere was certainly very informal and relaxed.

SELENE – moon goddess (sinful sunday)

I love London. So often you stumble across something totally unexpected. Walking though Soho the other day, having been on shopping trip for…well, never mind what I had been shopping for… I turned a corner to find this statue on the Nadler Hotel. It stopped me for several minutes and then, having torn myself away as far… Read More »

POSTURE – beauty is in the eye

Is it hopelessly old-fashioned of me to say that how a woman carries herself is part of what will make her attractive to me? Am I marked out for ever as a dinosaur for finding good posture erotic? If so, I must plead guilty and accept your disapproval.