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Flogged (sinful sunday)

I would enjoy this image if I just stumbled across it on someone else’s twitter; the curve of her beautiful bottom, the warmth of their naked embrace; these are enticing things to me.

SLAPPED (sinful sunday)

We were nearing the end of a super-intense threesome BDSM session. I’d been in very deep and was asking for more, asking Elita to slap me, an act that, for me at least, manages to combine great intimacy with great violence. She’d obliged, hitting me hard and fast, sending me still deeper into my masochistic self.

BONDAGE GORILLA! (sinful sunday)

I’m later than normal to Sinful Sunday but I only returned last night from a rescue mission to see my son who has found himself, with no training, cooking for 12/14 people, 6 days a week, in a ski resort.

AWAY FOR THE WEEKEND (sinful sunday)

Packing for Eroticon I couldn’t think why the case wouldn’t shut when I was packing for only one night, pushing up at me stubbornly as I tried to close it. I realised later why that was. I had two lengths of rope, a bag of clothes pegs (clothespins to Mercans), my little bag of insecurities and… Read More »

SPANKED – (sinful sunday)

Sometimes, all I want to do after a beating is lie in a darkened hotel room and just drift on the endorphin clouds, enjoying the soreness and the delicious feeling of having survived. But it can also be fun to be with people who know what I’ve been doing and to enjoy their sympathetic interest as I share… Read More »

JUST A GLIMPSE (sinful sunday)

I recently found myself in a new bedroom with some time on my hands. I decided I wanted a Sinful Sunday shot that had a bit of me in it. | But not too much. Just a glimpse in fact.

TIED – (sinful sunday)

Exactly a year ago, (to the day if you’re reading this on Sunday) I entered Mistress Elita’s stunning aparment for a session with her and a friend who, I had been told, was new to sex work. Sat in Elita’s armchair, a robe wrapped tightly round her as if for protection, was a strikingly beautiful young woman with… Read More »

“SOMETHING NICE” – (sinful sunday)

Towards the end of an intense, three-way, corporal punishment game in a dungeon, I had the option to choose “something nice” for Elita without knowing what it was going to be. Given that her man was in charge of proceedings, “nice” could have been translated into all manner of kinky excess.

AFTERCARE – arnica rub (sinful sunday)

Last week I had a super intense three way BDSM session in a dungeon with Mistress Elita and her man. I knew from before that he was very skilled with a cane. It turns out that he’s just as good with a whip.