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“Mr. B” – I’ve been shopping (sinful sunday)

Lately I’ve purchased a few items of fetishy underwear. I’ve been nervous that posting them on here might make me look ridiculous, such is the stigma around men wearing sex orientated clothing. It appears to be almost exclusively the preserve of the gay kink community.

SPANKING – not me, I’m just watching (sinful sunday)

Lilly is spanking Katie. She’s spanking Katie because I’ve told her to do so. So far I suspect that what Katie’s feeling is mostly sensual rather than painful. She seems to be enjoying it, squirming on Lilly’s lap, lifting her perfectly tight little bottom to meet Lilly’s hand.

CHEERLEADER – sinful sunday

My image today comes from my wonderful, joyous even, session with Miss S at Better Than a Bed. I’d written an old skool cheerleader spanking story then we had played it out almost as if the story were a script.

TIGHT – (sinful sunday)

“You grabbed the knot on the back of my harness, tightening it and making me feel like you were gripping my whole chest at once with one extended long-fingered hand, forcing my weight down hard onto the vibrator until I nearly screamed, dominating me.”

PENTAGRAM – rope, leather, skin (sinful sunday)

I love this image. It’s from my second one to one session with Miss S. It’s a joint effort; I took the picture on my phone and she turned it into the beautiful, soft, black and white you see here. She thought it looked like a kinky perfume advert and I can only agree.