ALMOST TOO MUCH – surely not!

What would be too much sex? Could a scene ever be too hot; could it burn so brightly that the darkness left after the flames died down was just too black. I find myself wondering these things in a lonely hotel room somewhere in Asia. My trip to the airport was interrupted by 90 minutes of the most… Read More »

HOTEL – wasted luxury (sinful sunday)

I’m at a Hotel in Asia. Not been here long after a 14 hour flight. The room has that faceless luxury that only international hotels manage. It’s modern and plush and everything works, but it could be anywhere.

DOXY VIRGINS – orgasm and denial

I once rented a chainsaw and had to wade through 20 pages of safety information before I learnt how to turn it on. I was STRONGLY advised to seek a course of instruction before first use and rightly so; in the wrong hands a chainsaw could cause untold havoc.

CRYING GAME – Lilly’s story

I’ve already described how it felt when Lilly broke down and cried in front of me as I removed her blindfold at the end of an intense kidnap scene. I was both concerned that I had pushed her too far and touched that she felt secure enough to show me the emotional vulnerability of that moment.

THE FEMDOM BALL – barely submissive

So, tomorrow, Saturday the 7th, I am going to attend the Femdom Ball, an event dedicated to female supremacy; a ballroom full of supremely dominant women in rubber, leather and lace. The men will be there only as submissive slaves to fetch and carry, to worship and obey; obeisant at all times to the glorious visions… Read More »

JUDICIAL – the out-takes

By way of a little light relief (for me that is) after all the introspection a heavy session tends to cause, here are some more pictures from our dungeon based judicial punishment scene. These didn’t make the other posts!

ELITA GETS A CANING – (sinful sunday)

This is what happens when Mistress Elita lets her submissive side out to play. She plays pretty hard. Thirty strokes with a thick, dense cane from her man. Long swings with real force. All thirty of them. I saw every single one from directly in front of her. I saw the pain of them all in her… Read More »

ELUST 98 – hot blogs

Welcome to Elust 98– The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust. Want to be included in Elust #99 Start with the rules, come back October 1st to… Read More »


Last time I tried to drill down into what it meant to me to play a BDSM session with Elita’s man, Molly, the lovely and wonderful doyenne of sex blogging suggested it was something I was only beginning to explore and would come back to. Well she was right, because here I am; coming back to… Read More »