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THE CANING PARTY – under London’s streets

A visitor once described London as a great party you’re not invited to, full of secret, niche things down side-alleys that you’d never know about if you didn’t know someone who knows someone. On Thursday, for example, shoppers at a busy street market were walking backwards and forwards over a glass pavement, under which this… Read More »

WANTING – all the wanting

She’s got me standing, facing her, my back pushed against the hard metal and leather of the flogging frame. Minutes earlier, facing the other way, I was being flogged and my skin is now alive with sensation. The only thing I’m wearing is a thin cord, tied tight round the base of my cock and my balls.… Read More »

DOUBLE TROUBLE – two mistresses

Elita removed the blindfold to reveal the Unseen Mistress who had been tormenting me for the previous half an hour. She was stunning; attractive and slim, with the imperious presence of the true dominatrix. We greeted each other with knowing smiles. I’d have shaken her hand if both of mine hadn’t been tied above my head.


I’m stood in the shade, only 100 metres from the rental dungeon in central London where we are due to meet. My heart’s running at about twice it’s normal rate, pumping liberal doses of adrenaline around my body. My mouth is dry, my breathing shallow. I curse myself for arriving too early, feeling I must look suspicious, a… Read More »

A POST ABOUT SEX – on a sex blog!

This post is all about sex. I’ve been asked why my posts don’t include much sex. It’s not very complicated really. I don’t have much sex to include. Not penetrative sex. I get into some outrageously sexy situations; I sometimes orgasm, either during a session or on my own but actual….y’know….actual sex; not so much.

ROLE PLAY – and reality

In twenty years of seeing spanky sex workers I’ve never once played a school uniform role play. A submissive I once saw at a well known London establishment walked into the room in school uniform and I asked her to get undressed straight away. I know it’s THE staple for many professional submissives; a fantasy played out harmlessly… Read More »

GO! GO! GOLDFINCHES! – the English student

Having taken dance lessons since childhood, applying to join the Goldfinches, the College cheerleading team, had seemed a great way for Sasha to make new friends. And, as the only English student at South Iowa Tech in Ottumwa, 80 miles and 50 years from Des Moines, friends was what she most needed. Although cheerleading had… Read More »