KIDNAP! – the aftermath (Sinful Sunday)

By | 19th November 2016

My image(s) this week will have more of a context if you first read this post.

It’s a story about a kidnapping and it involves some extremes of fear, pain and sex.

Readers of my blog will know that my fantasies are often quite dark and frequently involve elements of non-consensual violence. What could be less consensual than a kidnap where the only aim of the kidnappers is to abuse their victim? It’s an old fantasy. Ever since I first had a session with Mistress Elita’s man, I’ve known; I’ve known with a sense of sick inevitability, that one day this scene was going to happen. That day turned out to be Wednesday last week.

It was relentless; an hour and a half of emotional and physical challenge that finished with a hard caning. I have never been further from subspace or more aware that I was being beaten.

bluedoor bruises 1

This image was taken just a couple of hours after the session.


bluedoor bruises

Two days later.

I love these marks and I run my hand over them from time to time. They somehow validate how hard I found the session and the fact that, at the end, I lost control of my reactions and yelled out my pain into the leather of the bench.

Would I do it again?

Ask me in a week or two!


More, though hopefully more consensual, sin here:

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10 thoughts on “KIDNAP! – the aftermath (Sinful Sunday)

  1. Jo

    Those are some wicked sexy bruises! Sorry to hear that they came at such a high price… a little distance makes memories of endurance easier to handle, though, convincing us we could do it again.

  2. Molly

    That is an amazing tale and I can totally see why those marks captivated you. I will be interested how you feel about it all as times goes on



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