THE LESSON – Lilly learns the cane (Sinful Sunday)

By | 11th March 2017

Mistress Elita has a friend. She’s called Lilly and she’s lovely. Lilly wanted to learn some of the dommely skills in which Elita is so well versed. Caning for example.

Like any other physical skill, the correct method for wielding a cane has to be learnt. In this week’s image Elita is demonstrating the technique; Lilly mimicking her grip and her action.

caning lesson

I love this image. Look at Elita on the left, caught exactly at the moment of impact. She looks like an athlete; centred and strong. Her straight arm transmits the full force of her lithe body into the cane, making it cut into the cushion. That blow is going to hurt deep down, not just at the surface. Lilly isn’t there yet; still a bent arm, wristy sort of shot. It will sting a bit.

Watching the lesson, knowing what was going to happen next, was tingly hot; nerve endings responding involuntarily every time Elita’s cane thudded into the cushion. Whummp!  Whummp!  Whummp!

Of course eventually they needed a real target: one that would react to each blow; move under the cane; respond.

I took some deep breaths first.

This was just a vignette in a scenario of such unremitting kinky eroticism that I am still processing it, although writing about it in my recent post definitely helped.

Lilly played the part of the Ingénue in our scene. In this post a ascribe a role to Elita and one to me.

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12 thoughts on “THE LESSON – Lilly learns the cane (Sinful Sunday)

  1. Exposing40

    Really great post. I wouldn’t have noticed the different skill levels you’ve captured without your commentary and I like how your words disrupt the apparent symmetry of the image. Xx

  2. Aurora Glory

    Beautiful image with a beautiful piece of writing! My domme skills are most similar to Lilly. I can really appreciate the certainty and confidence shown in Elita.
    Aurora x

  3. Marie Rebelle

    After having read about the session, this image is even hotter than it was when I saw it the first time. Thank you for sharing your experiences!

    Rebel xox

  4. HappyComeLucky

    Wonderful image. It was easy to see who was the teacher even before reading the words. Mind you, there is a place for the stinging stroke. I hate and find those harder to process. I hope my sadist will forget that fact one day.

  5. Rebecca

    A very well written post. I noticed immediately that Elita’s arm is straight and taut and therefore can image the force she expends onto flesh. Her whole body is central. I also noticed what beautiful lingerie both are wearing and can image you awaiting your pain/pleasure perhaps with dry lips slightly moistened as you rubbed your tongue around them

  6. Mrs Fever

    I once saw a momma eagle teaching her chick to fly. She was full of strength and grace. Her chick had the potential to become equally strong and graceful, but was – in that moment – all crooked wings and wobbly flight. The momma dove and swooped; the chick tumble-fell and flapped. Yet even in those learning stages, the chick’s potential power was awesome.

    That’s what this photo reminds me of. 🙂

    When Lilly figures out how to fly… Watch out. 😉


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