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Seeing Mistress Kikko is always a highlight of my occasional poker visits to Las Vegas. Two years ago she completely took me apart, leaving me shocked right to my core by what I had been through, opening me up to a world of BDSM play that went way beyond what I was doing at the time. This experience led to me exploring my kinks with a number of London Mistresses, before focussing on the wonderful Mistress Elita, and starting this  blog to write about my experiences.

The session we had on this year’s trip was a maelstrom of sensations both painful and pleasurable and will stay with me for a while.

mistress cane2

Mistress Kikko, is slim but powerful and has a real presence that I always feel as soon as I enter her beautiful play space. For this session she had chosen to wear a bikini which, on her, seemed somehow more kinky than black leather. She looked amazing.

She had me massage her back, shoulders and arms, which were sore from the gym. To serve her in this way was sensual and erotic, and I found myself slipping into a submissive space that (as someone whose kinks are more strongly masochistic than submissive) I don’t always find. When she applied bitey nipple clips my submission deepened, fighting to control my reactions to the pain in order to deliver a smooth massage, while following her specific instructions to dig deeper into her sore muscles. In other circumstances this might have been a dominant act, working her body in this way; here it was all about submission and service.

The session moved into bondage and corporal punishment with a wide range of implements with varied, but always escalating, intensity.

Mistress Kikko, like other skilled Mistresses, is an artist, and pain is her paint. She applies it in layers; subtle hues cover the canvas first, setting a background for what comes later. As the session progresses the colours become stronger and more vibrant, and can be interspersed with streaks of such intensity that they dominate the entire picture.

She was able to take me quickly to the limit of what I could endure, skilfully recognizing that this was somewhat less than in previous sessions*, and held me there, never allowing me to acclimatise to one form of pain before changing to the next, yet never pushing me over the edge. It was exquisite torment.

How I craved her touch in the beautifully quiet spaces between each assault, luxuriating in the brief respite before she hurt me again.

A session with Mistress Kikko is always demanding, always sensual, and always leaves me drifting in a floaty subspace for hours afterwards, unsure whether what just happened was real  or imagined.

I suspect I’ll be back.



*One’s tolerance for pain is not a constant thing. In this session I was tired and jet lagged and it was only a few days after the hardest session of them all. I probably should have waited till later to see her but Mistress Kikko adjusted to my early responses to what she was doing and we were still able to have a great session. Only a sympathetic and skilled Mistress, and she is both of those things, would have been able to do that.  


2 thoughts on “WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS…Mistress Kikko

  1. Exposing40

    “Kikko is an artist and pain is her paint”…fucking love that line. (Sorry – very very behind on reading and commenting!)

  2. sissy_maid_melody

    A great footnote. And should be taken onboard by every sub.

    Pain tolerance is what it is on the day, in the circumstances. A skilled domme knows exactly how to adjust. It’s really not about ever harder beating the crap out of someone every time.


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