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THE BDSM PARTY – submission

He had arranged to go to the Femdom event with his regular Mistress, as a chance to try something new, explore a different dynamic in their relationship. They had planned to session in one of the well equipped play rooms provided by the organisers. When she had phoned that morning to explain that a family crisis was going to… Read More »

KING’S CROSS – a beating with a view

Facing King’s Cross railway station in London is a small hotel. It’s rather good, with modern, well equipped bedrooms and excellent bathrooms which are perfect for the all-important post session soak in the shower. I won’t link to it as they might not approve of what I get up to in their rooms. I sessioned there recently with Mistress… Read More »


I loved the image for this week’s ‘Night World’ Wicked Wednesday prompt. I could just imagine walking down this street to meet a Mistress, all fear and anticipation. That was what I started to write but I found my imagination wandering into very different, and much darker, territory….

SEX AND VIOLENCE – violence as sex

This session was never really meant to happen. It was, after all, only a week since an outrageously kinky threesome. However, that session had left me highly charged and wanting to push myself. Also I had the perfect opportunity; an afternoon flight to a week of overseas business meetings. If I was to end up… Read More »