BANG GOES…. – a very kinky song

By | 25th March 2016

I love this song for its louche, languid style, for its wail against the ennui of everyday life and the search for a counter to it. But mostly I love it because……. IT’S ABOUT ME!


Well to be more accurate, it’s written from the point of view someone who visits a mistress. I am such a person, though was never going to get a knighthood in the first place so it is not something I am risking!

But I love some of the details:

He walks ‘out of the station and through the arcade:’ this might seem an odd detail but in the 10 minutes immediately before a session I am in a hyper alert state and could quite imagine noticing a tailor’s shop, as he does.

stepsHe pauses for a last look around before walking ‘down the wet steps’. Absolutely. Most dommes work from basement flats so this makes all kinds of sense. I wonder if, like me, he pauses at the bottom of the steps to take a few deep breaths of free, normal, ‘vanilla’ air before entering the strange, threatening world of BDSM dungeon and the trial that waits for him.

His school beatings. A shame this, as the idea of the man seeking punishment from a mistress in order to bring back his boarding school beatings has become a bit of a cliché. I am sure there are men whose kinks have this origin, but there are many more who would feel their  kinks were built in at birth.

His subjection to the mistress. His begging for all the exaggerated sensations and heightened experiences that make up a good session. He wants to feel it all as a counter to the relative monochrome of his everyday life.

I get this guy – totally get him.

For I am he.

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