SPANKING – I bloody love spanking

By | 28th April 2016

/Now I know she’s mine/

/Over my knee her bottom/

/Rises to meet my hand/

I want to write about spanking. It’s a bit off the normal subject matter for this blog and the web is full of spanking erotica, most of which will be better written than mine. But I need a bit of light relief after a few posts of high intensity caning and way too much introspection.

And anyway: I bloody love spanking.

spankedReally, I do. You had me down as a masochist who can’t wait for the next beating, right? And so I am but spanking is, well…just delicious. To have a woman over my knee and to slap her bottom until it’s red all over and she’s a sweaty mess.

Yum. Just Yum.

I have two spankings in my head and I am not sure I have yet achieved the perfect realisation of either. But it’s fun trying. It’s really, reeeeally fun.

My normal spanking style is very sensual.

This is spanking as foreplay; spanking as a sexual and sensual interaction between two willing participants. It’s not even particularly about dominance and submission. Those lines blur when she starts to lift her bottom towards my hand, twisting it slightly before each slap to proffer a particular spot. “Hit me here…. Now here” she’s saying. And I do, because this spanking is about her more than it’s about me.

I can sense when to hit her harder, when to speed up or slow down. I know when to pause altogether and stroke her bottom with a feather-light touch so she can revel in the super-sensitivity of her well smacked skin.

This spanking is all about understanding, intimacy and connection.

This spanking is about balancing pain and pleasure. Sometimes I give them alternately, perhaps letting my fingers stray over her wet clitoris after a series of hard slaps. Sometimes I let her experience both at the same time, as she uses a vibrator while I smack her bottom steadily. The contrasting sensations form a perfect maelstrom of pain and pleasure into which she will totally submerge herself.

In this spanking I am sensitive to her responses. I know intuitively how much of what she feels is pleasure and how much pain. I know exactly how close she is to the transcendental calm of subspace and can choose to spank her deep into its welcome embrace; or I can use sudden changes of rhythm and intensity to bring her back from the edge and keep her fully with me.

Most of all though, this spanking is about sex. The room is full of it, as if clouds of pheromones rise off her skin every time I slap it. We might start as strangers but by the end we know each other intimately, brought together by the intensity of the shared experience. By the end we are ready to explore each other’s bodies in different ways.

So what about my other spanking style?

This spanking is different. This spanking is all about me.

This spanking is about non-consensual punishment.

Rough, hard slaps delivered too fast for her to process. Smacking, smacking and smacking her again. Holding her down tight over my knee. Grabbing her hand and roughly pulling it out of the way when she tries to protect herself. Increasing the intensity relentlessly; one smack after another until she’s squealing and kicking her legs, trying to get away from my hard unforgiving hand. This spanking is all about dominance and submission and nothing short of her absolute submission will satisfy me.

At the end I want her to be slumped on the floor, crying……..

Because then I can pick her up, rebuild her and offer her all the aftercare in the world. I can bring her back to life one kiss at a time and restore her equilibrium with tender hugs and gentle strokes. After this spanking I can allow my normal, caring personality to reassert itself once the vicious sadist that lurks within me has gorged himself on her pain.

The problem for the submissive is that, until I walk into the room, I don’t know which of these spankings I want to administer….

And so neither can she….


3 thoughts on “SPANKING – I bloody love spanking

  1. Kimbewco

    I absolutely love a good cathartic release spanking. But when I do I want to be spanked while I am crying not just until I am loose my composure, I want to be sobbing out of control. It’s the whole power exchanged that happens between me and my boyfriend. I want him get all assertive and direct, it turned me on inside. The trepidation and anticipation is thrilling. For once, I’m in not in control and I know he has to be but I’m a natural control freak, I don’t want to be. To give that control up is terrifying, exciting and exhilarating; it gives me an adrenaline and endorphin rush. I want age regression, I want the challenge of fight and flight. The anticipation of what I know will be a painful spanking is out right enchanting to my senses. I want to willingly surrender to him. Everything is turned on inside when I accept a spanking and it’s not worth taking unless it’s unbearable and doesn’t make me loose my composure.

    Everyone is right about crying though, for some it’s an emotional condition and some it’s a physical thing. However, I would like to propose it’s preparation, corporation, communication, will power and determination on partners. For me it about mental preparation, determination by both me and my partner. I want to be pushed over the edge about once every other month but I too have a extremely high pain tolerance. In order to get what I fell I need and want, it’s takes a resolve both for me and my boyfriend. It took him over a year to finally get it and to learn how to get me to that point. It takes me a good three days to mentally prepare for it.

    I love the age regression but not all into the role play. I’m his girlfriend not his daughter and he isn’t my daddy. I’m not into being restrained. For me, there’s no sense to force myself into taking something that I’m shouldn’t be will myself into remaining in position and accept. I’m not against him not taking charge some, locking my legs and holding my arm back. But I feel, if I’m want summit to a whupin I asked for, than I to muster the will power to submit to him and process we discovered works for us. That too is an adrenaline rush and more satisfying to both me and my boyfriend if, by shear will power, I accept it and stay in position no matter how bad it hurts. That’s just us I know everyone is different. But I challenge you consider what I’m about to say give it try.

    The preparation is mental corporation, communication determination for both of you. Once I’ve decided that I want a full blown absolute real age regressive and cathartic sobbing release spanking, I have to willingly give up all my control. This isn’t easy unless you are connected with your partner, for us it’s not about playing anymore, it’s therapeutic but is also cereal. Giving up every bit of control before you start is half the mental battle. It’s a lot easier going into it when I’ve already determine in my heart and mind to give all control over to him. Once I do this it’s easier to allow myself to give in and get that therapeutic cathartic sobbing release I want. It’s scary I know but this translates into complete and unstrained submission to the spanking process. That means no safe word, no swat limit and no time limit. Knowing this before we start the spanking, that I willing gave up have these controls starts the process for me. I have to resolve in my heart and know that it’s not going stop until he decides, not me. It’s also a commitment and determination on my boyfriend parts to make sure he’s going give me the most real and painful spanking he can without holding back. This too is hard for him to do especially because he loves me, but he’s gotten use it when it happens.

    The actual spanking is intense and lengthy. I do have a really high pain tolerance. To make sure we are both in agreement we go over what type of spanking it’s going to while I push everything down to my knees in preparation for going over his knee. I keep everything on to make sure there’s a distinguishing line from anything else. But it is of course on the bare ass, absolutely no protection. Yes, I love this types of spankings too about once every other month or so. My Kevin has gotten pretty good at getting me to that point now. Yes, it means absolutely no warm up and starting right off on a cold bottom. Yes, I ask him to go all in full blown as hard and fast as he possibly can from the very first swat to the very last. Yes, I prefer the shock and awe beginning. It hurts from the beginning but it has too to accomplish our goal. Another thing, we discovered is that the thinner stingy implement are more effective in this case. His choice implement is the flat part of the handle of a bamboo back scratcher from Walmart. This allows him to wail on my backside without breaking. It’s not thick like a big paddle and gives him more control swing it. It’s long and just wide enough to really sting like all get out. It’s not just the intensity that gets me over the edge, it also about duration. He has too commit to keep up that intensity throughout the entire first spanking, until I finally loose my composure. Yes, it takes a pretty dam hard, intense and lengthy paddling to get me crying. But remember we both agreed this would happen before it ever starts. He also agreed that he wouldn’t stop either until I’m crying really hard. Than, I have to laid over the couch and he uses his belt again, until he feels I had enough, no swat limit, safe word or time limit until he feels I had enough not me.

    Knowing this before it starts is half the battle lines for a therapeutic cathartic sobbing release I want. It’s preparation, corporation, communication, will power and determination on both our parts.

    Any thoughts?

    Can anyone else relate with the no warm up fast and hard “shock and awe” start, and wanting it that way?

    Anyone else have really high pain tollerance like me?

    1. PainAsPleasure Post author

      You can’t just leave that open without saying which. That’s not fair….


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