THE BENCH – waiting

By | 25th June 2016

*I’m parking the car. Five minutes*

Deep breath. Why do I do this to myself? The hotel room is carefully arranged: the bench central so she can move around it; a cushion so I am positioned just right for her; blindfold ready. I am intoxicated with fear and adrenaline.

She is going to walk in and, in complete silence, take me to the limit of my endurance with her paddles, whips and canes. Then push me further till I am a gasping, sweaty mess. Then leave.

*I’m in the lift. Be ready*

I lie on the bench and put the blindfold on.

makeshift bench 2

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9 thoughts on “THE BENCH – waiting

  1. Mariasibylla

    I love the mystery here. If not for your words, all we’d see is a bench and a blindfold. But your words add to the delicious anticipation.

  2. Alice King

    mmmmm the taste of anticipation….even though it is something wanted that wait can be horrible. That bench is beautiful! Hope you enjoyed your time on it

  3. Jo

    I so love images that tell a story without any people in them, and this is one of those images. Excellent photo!!!


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