PLEASE – begging for it

By | 20th June 2016

When I read this powerful piece of F/m filth from Skinshallows, I thought it was burst-into-flames hot. She asks her submissive to accept a succession of increasingly violent assaults in order to satisfy her sadistic and sexual need. I related to it, not least for its fantastic fusion of violence and intimacy.  My only issue with it was that it was written from the dominants perspective. So (with the author’s permission) I have turned it around.

And YES, this kind of stuff really does go on in my head!


I’m tired & worn down, miserable & despondent, tense & twitchy. And horny as fuck.

I want. No, I need – you to give it to me. Just give it to me.

Fucking give me all of it.

Hurt me. Not in the roleplay ”for you” way whose aim is really for you to get off, but for me. Because I want it. Because I need it.

I Kneel. Now. Freely.

You  know that I can get up, step away, any time. You know that I would be able to stop you because I am physically stronger than you and unrestrained. 

And yet I don’t.

My head down, eyes up.

 “Please hurt me”.

 I want you to see my exposed back, my bare ass, and mark it. Maybe make it bleed a little.

I want  you to hear it, see it, feel it, and taste it. The yielding. And the pain. Both. Given to you.
Willing. Thankful.

And then, even though I know how you are today, I offer you my wrists and ankles.

So you can spread me out flat on a bed, tie me down securely and hurt me some more. 
man on bed

Every so often you reach to your cunt, dip your fingers and let me taste it. Let me taste how doing these things to me turns you on. How my every twitch and moan and whimper make you wet. I want you to hear the moment my voice breaks, see the moment tears glaze my eyes.

Tell me how hard your clit is, then put your hands on the sides of my neck and press softly. Move one higher and cover my mouth. Feel me gasp and try to catch air.

Pull your soaked knickers off and wipe my whole face with them.

And I’ll thank you. 

And I’ll ask you for more.

Sit astride me. Blow smoke into my face. Then, cigarette end to my chest, rapid, forceful touches. My cock squashed under your ass, enveloped by your slick labia. 

Slap my face. Touch the fresh, just-pink but stinging burn marks. 

I want to feel how wet you are.

I want to take it all. 

I want to take it willingly and gratefully.  

I want to show you that you can do what you want with me. 

I will say “thank you” and I will say “please” and I will say ”more”. 

Most of all I will say “yes”. 

So just fucking do it….. Please

One thought on “PLEASE – begging for it

  1. Emily

    Her story rings familiar. But somehow I like your version better. 🙂 Holy. Fuck. YES.


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