BRUISES – love ’em, hate ’em

By | 19th June 2016

First time I posted a Sinful Sunday.

As a masochist I have a love/hate relationship with bruises. I love the mark of where the Mistress has been, the reminder of something illicit, dark, sensual and challenging. I hate having to hide them when I return to my vanilla life, the risk of discovery, the feeling that my clothes cover a lie I don’t want to tell.

This particular bruise carried with it a high risk of discovery as it peeked above my underwear, unwelcome; discordantly shouting “look what I did.” It’s faded now but the memories remain.

A blog about this bruise and what it made me want to do is here.

bruises LV

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11 thoughts on “BRUISES – love ’em, hate ’em

  1. sub-Bee

    Welcome to Sinful Sunday!

    What a lovely bruise you have there, I’m so clumsy I usually have bruises anyway so nobody bats an eyelid if I turn up with any at work!

  2. Molly

    I am totally with you on bruises and marks, they are a huge kink for me. I don’t have the issue you have though so I am freely able to admire and love mine but I can totally see how when that is not the case it makes your relationship with them that bit more complex


  3. Atiya

    welcome to sinful sunday!
    it is a lovely shot and bruise.
    I am sure a lot of subs and masochists feel the same way.

    Happy Sinful Sunday!

    1. PainAsPleasure Post author

      Thanks to everyone who commented. The Mistress knew I had to be careful but hitting someone this hard is not an exact science! I don’t blame her and am, in any case, out of the danger zone. Arnica is wonderful stuff!

  4. Modesty Ablaze

    A powerful bruise . . . and a powerful post-link too.
    I do sympathize with both parts of your “I do want to say” . . . and “I can’t ” . . .
    I’m sure it is difficult and only you know what is right for you and your relationship.
    On the bruising aspect . . . I always ask my subs first. Some want to be marked, some don’t . . . so that reflects the theme of my session, and the implements used. Shouldn’t you point that out to your Mistress???
    Xxx – K


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