TOYS – Katie’s toys

By | 10th July 2016

Looking at the image below, a regular reader of my blog would assume I was in for another session of submission, bondage and pain. They would be a wrong. These toys, so carefully laid out, belong to a submissive with whom I recently spent a (very) happy hour or so. These are Katie’s toys.

After I took the picture, Katie emerged from the bathroom, demure in a black negligée. I spanked her bottom, and flogged her back. As I am just wired that way, I had her hit me with the paddle. We traded blows, enjoying each other’s sharp intake of breath; enjoying the challenge in each other’s eyes.

At the end I had her lie over some pillows. I used one hand to wield the cane; not hard, just enough for her to revel in the sharp sensations, while the other rubbed her clitoris, bringing her to an intense, shuddering sensory-overload orgasm.

And, do you know what? To watch her come was just delicious.

katies toys

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