THE SCARIEST TEXT EVER – sinful sunday

By | 24th July 2016

I’m waiting in the shade, across the road from her apartment.

Waiting for it to be time to walk over the road, go down the steps and knock on her door.

I’m already nervous because I’m pretty sure she’s going to cane me as soon as I walk in. Cane me hard. Cold. It’s going to hurt.

A beep from my phone announces the arrival of a text.

This text:

scary text

If it gets too much…..

too much…..

Pulse racing I walk down the steps.

A description of what happened next is here.


More sin here:


7 thoughts on “THE SCARIEST TEXT EVER – sinful sunday

  1. Jo

    What a great message – it would put me on edge and make my heart race in the best way. 🙂

  2. Modesty Ablaze

    Well of course I just HAD to follow your link . . . very intriguing! Very exciting!
    And . . . I compliment you on your resilience !!!
    Xxx – K

  3. Molly

    That is a sentence that would definitely kick things up a notch that is for sure



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