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By | 16th October 2016

Two pictures for Sinful Sunday today. One is very simple –  it’s of a businessman, tall, 50 something. One night last week he put on his Dinner Jacket, tied his bow tie and went for drinks and dinner in a huge room full of other people wearing Dinner Jackets. It was a large buzzy function, the monochrome of the men’s DJ’s enlivened by the glittering evening dresses of the ladies.

He drank Champagne, listened to the business war stories people tell at this type of event, perhaps even told a few of his own. There was nothing to mark him out from the 600 or so other people in the room.

dj megaro oct

But he has a secret, this business man. He’s a kinky, masochistic, hedonist and has a beautiful but sadistic mistress. Just a few minutes before walking, perhaps a little gingerly, up the steps to the function room he had been tied to a bed in a London hotel taking a vicious but prolonged thrashing from his Mistress. She’d left him a sweaty, gasping mess, his backside criss-crossed with the marks of her cane his back red and sore from her flogger.

So perhaps you were at that dinner. If you saw a guest whose hand strayed to his backside while he drank his pre-dinner champagne; or one who seemed a little uncomfortable in his chair during dinner; perhaps someone whose eyes glazed over a few times as he mentally left the room; this image will show you why:

bruise megaro oct


Perhaps I’ll write this session up. It was made particularly intense by the absence of any visual or spoken communication. She walked into the room, spent 45 minutes taking me apart and left. Without a word


More, though perhaps less bruised, Sin here:


Sinful Sunday

15 thoughts on “WHAT LIES BENEATH – sinful sunday

  1. Bee

    I love being out and about knowing what bruises or marks I’m hiding, something deliciously sexy about it.

  2. Jaime

    One of the most glorious of things, for a dom, is watching the submissive’s difficulty sitting after they’ve been dealt with. A pity she wasn’t there to see you!

    And great photos!

  3. Molly

    I love the idea of a hidden story. I guess it has the same appeal as wearing stockings or no panties…. and yes, carrying bruises and welt. Delicious


  4. LittleSwitchBitch

    Ooh I love this <3

    I have been in a similar situation. I found moving around while sitting, applying more pressure than actually is needed just to feel your cheeks heat up again is hot.

  5. HappyComeLucky

    I always think that there is a lot of naughtiness under those layers of responsibility in a whole heap of settings. I wonder how many others there had secrets

  6. The Other Livvy

    I love this! I’m a big fan of being respectable and presentable on the surface, knowing what’s hidden underneath. It’s really hot! Great photos!! Xxx

  7. Marie Rebelle

    Love this! And it makes me wonder who else in that room was kinky too and might have had a hidden secret too 😉

    Those marks are intense!

    Rebel xox

  8. eye

    Love the juxtaposition of the images – the business suit and the revexation of what’s underneath 💋


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