SOUND AND VISION GONE – only pain remains

By | 23rd October 2016

I was blindfolded when she walked into the room. I’m still blindfolded. No words have been spoken. Our only communication has been through her whip and her cane.

It was challenging, this sensory deprivation; a darkness broken only by the piercing lightning strikes of pain as her cane landed again and again.

lying on bed megaro oct 2

The rewards came later: the endorphin induced boundless calm; the feeling of having been tested and survived; the rather wonderful realisation that Mistress Elita,  who had departed just as wordlessly as she had arrived, had also been moved by the session. She sent me a wonderful letter in which she described her feelings.


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7 thoughts on “SOUND AND VISION GONE – only pain remains

  1. Molly

    This is such a great shot and the letter exchange between you two makes for a very powerful read and really brings a depth to the whole scene


  2. Marie Rebelle

    Beautiful, intense image. I just read the encounter between you and Mistress Elita, as well as her words to you. It’s beautiful and special.

    Rebel xox


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