GINGER! – (Sinful Sunday)

By | 29th October 2016

Figging, according to Wikipedia is “The practice of inserting a piece of skinned ginger root into the anus or the vagina of a person. It has been used as a means of punishment. It is also used as a BDSM practice.”

“BDSM Practice.” Well I practice BDSM so this must be for me, right?

I only had myself to blame; turning up as I did with a large piece of ginger hiding in a recess in my briefcase. Late in the session she made me watch, nervous tension building, while she carved it to shape.

ginger 1

Heat. Searing, penetrating heat.

Imagine one of those muscle treatments, Deep Heat or Tiger Balm, but rubbed deep, very deep, inside you; pushed far into your core, causing normally unused nerve endings and pain sensors to be brought rudely to screaming life.

Back arched, pulling against the ropes, fighting to extinguish the fire. Breathing out of control. Reactions out of control. I could just make out the nipple clamps, the rope tight round my balls and her hand on my cock but the heat dominated everything. It filled me. I orgasmed fast and hard, needing it to end.

But she left it there. She left it inside me.

Post orgasm pain. Normally the hardest thing. But, strangely, wonderfully, my body looked after me, sending me deep into a dreamy subspace.

I am a boat floating on a sea of pain that runs through my whole body. Like the sea, the pain is not constant but rises and falls with the tide and the waves. Sometimes it is hardly there at all, and I am calm, aware of her sitting quietly beside me. Sometimes it rises up, towering above me like a wave, threatening to drag me under. My body tightens, back arched with the pain, then releases with the same rolling shudder I experience during orgasm. Each time the shuddering passes through me I feel another layer of tension disappear and I sink a little deeper into the bed. She is watching me intently. She smiles. I smile back from my boat not quite sure where I am. Eventually I have shuddered so often and for so long that there is no tension left and I am floating free, disturbed only by the faintest of ripples. The pain remains but is dulled now and constant. The Mistress, touching me softly, leads me to the shore.


These words come from a much earlier post – now not on the blog. I tried to find new ones but decided that, having experienced this strange post-orgasm place for a second time, the old description still worked.


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11 thoughts on “GINGER! – (Sinful Sunday)

  1. MariaSibylla

    When I first saw this, I thought “Gah! Ouch!” just imagining the pain. But the way you write about it, it makes me think it would be worth trying. Beautiful.

  2. Bee

    It is something I’m often ‘threatened’ with but I don’t know if one day I will get to experience those sensations.

  3. Heelsnstocking

    The sensation of figging is such a difficult one to describe and you have captured it the best that I have ever read. It is far more than just a physical reaction (as nice as that is), at least 50% of it is some sort of chemical/mental stimulation from the ginger oil that just brings so much arousal and headiness.

  4. Marie Rebelle

    Figging is intense… but your description of the subspace afterward is brilliant. I’ve experienced figging, but not the intense subspace afterwards.

    Rebel xox

  5. Jo

    I got to fig someone once, and it was very memorable; I really like the way you write about it.

  6. Jaime

    I occasionally fig girls, if they’ve been very good. You can control just how burning it is. For example, if you soak the peeled ginger piece in water for a while, that makes it a lot less active, we might say, after insertion. That makes it about right for a first time.
    I usually get requests for less or no soaking for the second or third time.
    I don’t know if this is any use to you, but something I like to do afterwards is absolutely slather my cock in cold cream, and put it in after I’ve removed the ginger plug. So it comes as a delicious relief.
    I’m sure a girl with a strap-on and cold cream would be happy to oblige, if you were curious. Alternatively, you could never mention it.
    That’s a fine-looking plug, btw!


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