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A POST ABOUT SEX – on a sex blog!

This post is all about sex. I’ve been asked why my posts don’t include much sex. It’s not very complicated really. I don’t have much sex to include. Not penetrative sex. I get into some outrageously sexy situations; I sometimes orgasm, either during a session or on my own but actual….y’know….actual sex; not so much.

PREDICAMENT – bondage with challenge

I like being handled. I particularly like being handled when I’m blindfold. For someone who would not be considered particularly tactile, this is a recent and surprising revelation. I guess it’s the feeling of releasing myself into the control of another, coupled with the inevitable shift in focus from whatever irrelevance was filling my head to the physical,… Read More »

GINGER! – (Sinful Sunday)

Figging, according to Wikipedia is “The practice of inserting a piece of skinned ginger root into the anus or the vagina of a person. It has been used as a means of punishment. It is also used as a BDSM practice.” “BDSM Practice.” Well I practice BDSM so this must be for me, right?

AHH, YOUR BACK – kink of the week

I once told a beautiful escort, with whom I was lucky enough to be playing kinky games, that, of all her wonderful atributes, it was her back I found most enticing. Her shoulders slumped a little, perhaps disappointed that I seemed to have passed over her beautiful face, her outrageously spankable bottom and her sparky intelligence. But these attributes… Read More »


Anal sex: taboo, dirty, unnatural, filthy. I am, more accurately I ‘was’, a bit of a prude with this. I struggled for years with the idea of what is a staple of many people’s Domme/Sub sessions and turned it down on many occasions in my early BDSM life.