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By | 11th July 2017

This post is all about sex.

I’ve been asked why my posts don’t include much sex. It’s not very complicated really. I don’t have much sex to include. Not penetrative sex. I get into some outrageously sexy situations; I sometimes orgasm, either during a session or on my own but actual….y’know….actual sex; not so much.

You see, I don’t find it all that easy. I’m a big guy of a certain age; I’m on blood pressure medicine and sometimes the blue pills don’t work. I find condoms deaden the sensations so much that just putting one on can kill an erection, leaving having sex feeling like trying to stuff a marshmallow into a piggy bank.

The possibility of this happening sets up unhelpful barriers in my head and I always approach a session with a submissive, where I know I will want to have sex with her but may not manage to do so, with some nervousness.

So when I took Miss S into the dungeon at Better than a Bed, having spanked her quite hard in our “Coach Spanks the Cheerleader” Role Play, I was looking to play BDSM games and make her orgasm a lot but I wasn’t aiming too far beyond that. However….,,,,

I tie her to the St Andrews cross, stretched upwards, facing me. She’s nervous. I work a flogger, very lightly, all over the front of her body. I play with her nipples. Though she’s getting more used to this, she’s breathing hard as I use my fingers, my teeth and clips, leaving the clips in place while I stroke her clitoris until she comes, pushing my body hard against hers as she does so.

Rope is so good. I tie a whole body Karada harness, pulling the rope up between her legs where she’s already sensitive, pulling it tight, using it to control her.

karada bw11

I have her kneel on a wide leather bench, locking her ankles and wrists to the sides. She’s exposed and vulnerable. I blindfold her, so all she has is sensation. We’ve had quite a detailed consent discussion about anal play but she’s still shocked as my gloved finger pushes the rope aside and starts to explore her tight little bottom, resisting then accepting; gasping at the new sensations. This is exciting for me, remembering my first time, remembering the surprise and shock of the broken taboo. My other hand  starts to stroke her clitoris, then penetrates her so my fingers become aware of each other through the thin veil of her vagina wall. She’s noisy now, sighing and gasping, not knowing how to respond, but I push on, sliding my fingers in and out together, until she comes again, shaking and squirming.

karada bw2

I release her hands so she can kneel and offer her water. Then, just as she’s thinking I might want to move on to more familiar ground, I pull her back down. This time I have a small butt plug I’ve bought for her. It’s wider than my finger so she squirms and breathes hard as I inch it forward, gauging when she’s ready for me to push again. Just as she thinks she can’t take any more, I reveal that it’s a vibrator, the buzzy vibrations bringing a surprised gasp as they run though her, pushing her towards another orgasm.

“Ask for it” I tell her, wanting her to beg to be allowed to come.

“I caaaan’t,”she almost cries.

Can’t ask? Can’t speak? Just can’t?

She’s in very deep now as I push her over the edge again.

I untie her and let her rest. Time for one more act before dinner.

“You have a choice now. You can be spanked on the sex swing and fucked like a submissive, or you can be spanked on the bed and made love to.” I love that she chooses the swing, knowing as I do how new this all is for her.


And I do spank her. I spank her with her backside over the edge of the swing, legs spread upwards and clipped to the chains. I spank her hard, my hand swinging upwards onto the exposed cheeks of her bottom.  I spank her till she’s desperately trying to wriggle backwards onto the protecting leather of the swing. I pull her roughly back into position and spank her some more. And then with her tied to the swing I fuck her. I fuck her till she comes hard and fast and it’s hot and it’s glorious and It makes me feel whole. This time the condom gets in the way and once I’ve untied her and kissed her; kissed her a lot; she makes me come with her hand.

We went for dinner nearby. It was lovely. She was so open and chatty and she smiled  so much, looking into my eyes as she took my hand across the table, remembering something we had just done. I really didn’t care what the businessmen at the next table or the young Italian waitress thought about this older guy; well, OK, this old guy, with his pretty young companion in a summer dress.

We’d planned that after dinner we’d return to the dungeon for half an hour and she’d let her Domme out. And so she did and it was fun and she caned my with growing confidence and accuracy. And when she finished, with me kneeling upright on the spanking bench, she sat on the leather in front of me and we kissed. This was where it was meant to end, our time up. But I didn’t want to let her go just yet, so we kissed some more. New territory – the session was supposed to be over. I rubbed my fingers slowly across the front of her Dommely black knickers. She squirmed and put her arms round my neck. It felt like a question had been asked and answered.

“Come lie with me a little.”

Kissing, touching, stroking. It’s wonderful to lie with this beautiful woman in my arms; we’ve shared so much in the last couple of hours.

“I want to be inside you again,” whispered in her ear.

“I want you inside me again,” whispered in mine.

This time I’m on my back, she’s on top, riding me. She can squeeze my nipples, I can squeeze hers. My hands hold her bottom tight onto me, moving her up and down. Oh God, this is so good. I come insider her in a long shaking orgasm. Its aftershocks go on for ever while she lies beside me, holding tight.

karada bw3

So: Sex.

Now I remember what all the fuss was about. Miss S took  me back to my student days, to camping trips with early girlfriends when we never left the tent and yes, she took me back to the early years of two marriages. She reminded me of the sheer joy of two people playing together; touching, kissing, responding to each other’s bodies, smiling into each other’s eyes in shared moments of intimacy.

It was wonderful.

Yes, she’s a sex worker and I’m her client, and yes, I slipped the money for the extra time into her bag as we finally dressed, making sure she saw me do so but not making a fuss about it. But for the rest of it? For the rest of it, to me at least, we were just two people exploring: exploring exciting new sensations and exploring each other’s minds and bodies. I hope she felt the same.

It was wonderful but I may already have said that.


For the full image of Miss S in her rope harness, you’ll have to wait til Sinful Sunday.

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2 thoughts on “A POST ABOUT SEX – on a sex blog!

  1. Marie Rebelle

    I have no words for this, it is so beautiful and special. Such a lovely connection between you and Miss S 🙂

    Rebel xox

  2. Molly

    My only experience with a sex worker of any kind has been buying a private lap dance. Having done it a few times I have come to learn that with some of the girls it is very perfunctory, they do their thing and are onto the next one but on one occasion there was a young woman who was clearly totally getting off on the giving another woman a lap dance. She put her hand up my dress and touched me and she took my hands and out them on her (the club rules were no touching) she we laughed and giggled and I came away from it feeling fairly confident she had enjoyed it as much as I had. So I think just like with all relationships, if you find the right person and make a connection just because you are paying for it does not mean it can’t be a shared intimate pleasurable experience.


    I still remember her name by the way, it was Jasmine and she smelt like heaven


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