CHEERLEADER – sinful sunday

By | 8th July 2017

My image today comes from my wonderful, joyous even, session with Miss S at Better Than a Bed. I’d written an old skool cheerleader spanking story then we had played it out almost as if the story were a script.

I hardly ever dive into role play and this started as a piece of light-hearted fun. However as we came closer and closer to the actual spanking Miss S, who is a relatively inexperienced submissive, became more and more nervous.

The scene became less about role play and more about our interaction, about the reality of the situation, and of course about the impact of my hand repeatedly slapping her bottom, softly at first then harder and faster as I pushed her down onto the chair.

cheerleader spanking 2

I think this image nicely sums up the whole scene and , of course, it also gives us a chance to admire Miss S’s perfect bottom peeking out from under the short cheerleader skirt.

And it takes my fetishisation of Chesterfield furniture one step further past the point of no return.

The original cheerleader spanking story is here.

The scene itself, and some more pictures of Miss S are here.


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15 thoughts on “CHEERLEADER – sinful sunday

  1. Monika

    I love the roleplay. Even when nervous you can imagine yourself as a confident person. That’s the beauty of it.
    Great image!

  2. Rebecca

    Can you define the Chesterfield? I ponder if it is not the hard leather, the smell an association?

  3. Jaime

    Yes, a perfect Chesterfield! I also have a thing for those leather rolled arms.

    And Miss S’s bottom. Perfect too!

    Lovely photo!

  4. HappyComeLucky

    I have always loved a Chesterfield – this image pretty much captures one of the main reasons why that love is so strong. Maybe I will get my wish to have one sometime in the future.

  5. SilverDom

    This is wonderful in so many ways – not just the image. I echo Eye’s comments about the safe way you explored the fantasy.

  6. eye

    Very cute! Interesting comment about the fantasy being problematic. I had a conversation with someone who didn’t understand the distinction between a fantasy shared and acted out by consenting adults and imposing desire on those younger and vulnerable without consent. Seems you explored this with integrity though. I like that.

  7. Elliott Henry

    Oh boy, this fantasy comes right after schoolgirl. What a lovely image, what fun to be had after lifting the skirt. Glad you had fun and interesting about the Chesterfield fetish, but I can see that.


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